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Welcome to ALOHOMORA! We are an intermediate, non–canon Harry Potter inspired roleplay that takes place in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. From magical happenings to personal interactions, the site offers a casual slice of life experience for its members. If you're interested in complex characters, good writing, and creating your own elaborate plots, then ALOHOMORA may be your RP home!

Interested? Read through our informational threads and say hi to us in the cbox! We hope to see you around.
ACTIVITY LOG 11, 02/15 —
It's that time again! Please reply to our latest activity log by the 28th of this month in order to save your characters! If you want a quick way to gather posts, you may also want to check out our current event.

With the log closed, we've made a few updates regarding faculty, claims, and more! Check it all out here!
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Welcome to ALOHOMORA! In this board, you'll find all of the necessary information to get started. The staff hopes everything makes sense, and that you read this information before you register. Thanks for checking us out!
bulletin board
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Any and all important updates and announcements will be posted here, including activity logs, bans and wants, and more! Be sure to keep up to date with the information within.
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All characters are to be posted here to be sorted for staff review. Don't worry about selecting a house for your character -- the staff will do that for you based on your character's personality and history. Please be sure to follow all instructions in the application!
member services
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A special little place for members to come and let the staff know that something needs to be done. If you need a thread move, have any suggestions, of just have questions, this is where you want to be.
site roster
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Accepted applications will be moved to the correct sub–board here! Members are permitted to make minor edits to their character's application after acceptance.
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Once accepted, feel free to traverse plotters in this board, or post one of your own! Members are encouraged to talk to people to make the most out of roleplaying here. Within, you'll also find a board for wanted ads, if you're thinking about a new character.
alohomora news
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Alohomora News is the school newspaper, which was briefly disbanded last year. Now, they're back, and accepting submissions from club members and outside students and faculty!
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Information about all events taking place on Alohomora will be placed within this board. Site–wide Events are orchestrated by the staff, while others can be created by faculty members, student leaders, or civilians. Instructions pertaining to participating of each event will be placed in their individual threads.
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You don't have to be face–to–face to have a conversation. Write letters, send texts, or even post pictures using WizPic!
character extras
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You may use this board to post thread trackers, or to store templates for use in roleplay. Please create only one thread in each board to reduce clutter!
the great hall
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Decorated in last year's House cup victors, performances and meals are held here. Tables are sorted by House, though students can sit anywhere – just not at the faculty table! The ceiling is charmed to reflect the weather outside, just for fun.
common rooms
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Each house has its own common room in a separate part of the castle, secured with a password only the students of that House know. However, sometimes students might sneak their friends from other Houses in. Dorms are separated by gender, with the girls' containing special precautions to keep boys out.
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Several towers rise above the castle, including two dormitories, divination and astronomy towers, and the owlery. If there's one thing for sure, it's that they have the best view of the grounds, no matter which one you choose to explore.
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A popular destination for students who want a 'valid' excuse to get out of class, the healing wing, is located on the first floor. It is a long room, with a number of curtained beds to ensure the privacy and comfort of patients – primarily, sick or injured students.
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The classrooms at Hogwarts are where all of the classes are taught -- though some may be empty for much of the time. When class is not in session, they are a place for students to study or get some work done. They are often unlocked, though storage rooms within are not.

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The hallways are a labyrinth to new arrivals, filled with secret passageways and shortcuts. Numerous portraits and tapestries line the walls, ready to gossip. But beware of trick staircases, bricks, and Peeves!
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On the third floor of the castle and filled with all kinds of books, the library contains tables for group work and armchais for self study. The restricted section is off limits to students without permission, due to the potentially dangerous content.
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Located the basement behind a portrait of a bowl of fruit, the kitchen is occupied by a number of house elves who cook for and clean up after the castle's residents. The kitchen is always fully stocked. To gain access, the correct fruit on the portrait must be tickled.
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Under the school, the dungeons are colder (and creepier) than the rest of the castle. The Slytherin common room is hidden here, and a handful of classes are held nearby. What most of the students don't know is that during the full moon, werewolf students (and faculty) are placed in a secluded, newly reinforced part of the dungeon to keep them away from others.
hogwarts grounds
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The grounds are covered with green grass and trees, forbidden areas and relaxing courtyards. Anything not within the castle walls is considered to be on the grounds. Just be careful – some areas that may be dangerous to venture into.
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A wizard-only village not too far from Hogwarts, third years and up may visit on select weekends. Several popular shops line the main street, and many benefit from the school's student traffic.
ministry of magic
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Deep underground Whitehall, London, the Ministry has ten stories and eight departments, Wizengamot courtrooms, and home office to the Minister of Magic. Employees may apparate directly into the Atrium, but guests and visitors must enter via underground toilet or telephone booth.
diagon alley
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A magical shopping area hidden in London containing everything wizardkind could possibly need. The only entrance is by apparition, or through the Leaky Cauldron. While it may not be the only wizard shopping plaza, it's certainly the most popular!
knockturn alley
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The darker counterpart to Diagon Alley, stores here contain objects more closely associated with dark magic, though several rare materials can also be found here. And if you know where to look, you might find that illegal ingredient you were searching for...
king's cross
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King's Cross is the station in which a witch or wizard can access Platform Nine and Three–Quarters in order to board the Hogwarts express. It is bustling with muggles and wizardkind.
hogwarts express
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A large, bright red steam engine that takes students to and from Hogwarts each year. Each car has multiple compartments that can each fit a handful of students. Feel free to sit back, relax, and buy something from the trolley witch. Heads and Prefects will be patrolling, though!
united kingdom
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Hogwarts caters to all students in the UK and north Ireland. Any threads taking place at students' homes will be here, but be aware – except for special circumstances, these threads should take place during holiday!
everywhere else
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Whether it be Scotland, America, or South Korea, all threads set in other parts of the world can be placed here.
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Sure, we would all love to sit around and roleplay, but that's not always possible! If you need to take a few days off, please post here to let the staff know. That way, we won't accidentally archive your stuff!
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cbox & events
Play nice. Be respectful towards your fellow members, staff, and guests. Don't form cliques, and try to make everyone feel welcome!

Be yourself. The cbox is for OOC chat, so please don't post as your character or impersonate other members here.

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SITE EVENT, STUDY BREAK • The Hogwarts Library is open 24 hours before OWLs and NEWTs exams, and students are welcome to study there. Snacks and refreshments are provided. You can read more about this event here!
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