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an intermediate harry potter inspired roleplay
Welcome to ALOHOMORA! We are an intermediate, non–canon Harry Potter inspired roleplay that takes place in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. From magical happenings to personal interactions, the site offers a casual slice of life experience for its members. If you're interested in complex characters, good writing, and creating your own elaborate plots, then ALOHOMORA may be your RP home!

Interested? Read through our informational threads and say hi to us in the cbox! We hope to see you around.
ACTIVITY LOG 11, 02/15 —
It's that time again! Please reply to our latest activity log by the 28th of this month in order to save your characters! If you want a quick way to gather posts, you may also want to check out our current event.

With the log closed, we've made a few updates regarding faculty, claims, and more! Check it all out here!
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 02. synopsis
Alohomora is a non–canon roleplay that takes place in JK Rowling's Harry Potter Universe. The site takes place during present time, but members should note that characters from the series (Dumbledore, Voldemort, Hermione, etc.) do not exist in our site's canon. That being said, references to the series' historical or famous characters (think Newt Scamander, well–known bands, etc.) can be made.

We are a character driven site, meaning that members are responsible for creating their own plots between themselves, and potentially driving site–wide plots in the future. Anything that influences the site in its entirety will be posted in this thread.
01. The current Minister of Magic is a half–blood witch named Imogen Galloway. She was elected recently, and succeeded the now–retired Minister, a pureblood wizard by the name Peleus Pilkington. Galloway, though only thirty–two, is a powerful and intelligent Slytherin alumna.

02. Dark magic and wizards exist, but currently there is no dark group that is a threat to the magical world. A few isolated incidents have occurred within the past year or two, but thus far the incidents seem unconnected.

03. In our universe, Hogwarts teaches approximately 500 total students per school year. Though J.K. Rowling once stated in an interview that the approximate number was 1,000 students, other fans who have done the math found that Hogwarts would likely only teach around 280–300 students per year. As such, we've decided on a happy medium.

04. Due to the boom in technology in the muggle world, muggle studies has become a more popular branch in school and the ministry. Though the prejudice that muggles and muggle–borns face has quieted, many muggle–borns still face opposition from pureblood families—especially as the pureblood lineages fade.

05. Technology has also surfaced in the wizarding world. Things like cellphones and computers are now used by most witches and wizards, and Hogwarts allows students to use phones outside of class, and even boasts its own set of computers inside the library. These technological items are scientifically different from the ones we're familiar with. Because of this, people that use technology in the wizarding world cannot communicate with those in the muggle world through text, phonecall, or email, and must rely on letters.

06. Some purebloods, now referred to as purists, believe that introducing muggle–inspired technology to the wizarding world is wrong, therefore refuse to utilize it in any capacity. Many of the purists are open about their contempt, leading to a few impromptu duels between citizens. Tensions between purists and other wizards have risen sharply in the last year.

To view a list of remaining Pureblood families, check this thread.

We will update this thread with more canon information as the site grows.
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A chronicle of important events that most, if not all students in the school would know about. The information listed may not necessarily be what actually happened, but it is how the school or public has decided to disclose the information. To add to the list, fill out the form here.

If you're unsure what qualifies, view the entries below.

    - position changes. This includes loss of a position, change of a position, or gaining a position that is public knowledge for students and professors.

    - general events. Things that happen to individual or sets of characters that everyone will know about. For example, prolonged suspensions, major fights, site wide events.
SEPTEMBER 1, hogwarts express leaves King's Cross station to bring students to Hogwarts for the start of term.
SEPTEMBER 2, classes officially begin.
SEPTEMBER WEEK 2, quidditch try outs begin.
OCTOBER 31, halloween feast.
DECEMBER WEEK 2, end of term exams.
DECEMBER 17 - JANUARY 1, winter break.
JANUARY 3, winter term begins.
APRIL, easter holiday. two week break starts the week before easter, and ends the week after.
JUNE WEEK 1, final exams.
JUNE WEEK 2, results
JUNE WEEK 3, end of term.
2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR
September 2017, leon baer is appointed head of slytherin house.

Fall, lou chen is appointed head boy.

September 1, 2017, a swarm of doxies wreak havoc on the hogwarts express, causing it to temporarily stall on the way to school. students who successfully fought off the doxies received house points.

October 2017, a love potion explodes, resulting in numerous students in a heightened emotional state to become smitten with whoever they first see. thankfully, the effects fade with rejection or proper antidotes, and no one was permanently affected.

November 2017, early november, zsazsa varadi returns from filming in America to resume her positions mistress position.

November 2017, the former dada professor steps down due to personal reasons, and replaced by leon baer for the remainder of the year.

November, 2017, former dark arts professor mireille lapin steps down from her position to return to her previous job as an auror. freyja hansen takes over the position.

November 2017, the first annual hogsfest is set up in hogsmeade. students are invited to participate and enjoy the festivities. an overall success, the tradition will likely continue in the future.

December 3, 2017, a handful of students sneak into the forbidden forest after hours and are attacked by a troll. a hufflepuff is transferred to st. mungo's for treatment early next morning.

December 7, 2017, manish tripathy takes a sudden leave of absence. astronomy classes are covered by octavia callahan, and the interim head of house is cassidy kempton. manish returns to hogwarts at the beginning of winter term.

December 2017, fifth year prefect helios balthazar loses his prefect position due to misconduct. it is assigned to someone else.

December 22, 2017, the collingwood's annual exclusive ball is thrown in their manor. several purebloods and notable halfbloods are invited, but the details are leaked in the school newspaper. some students of "lesser" heritage stage a protest of the event's purist roots.

February 14, 2018, the annual valentines dance is attacked by a young colony of acromantulas hatched from a hidden egg sac in the rafters, poisoning students and ruining the evening. thankfully, everybody lives – though the spiders' victims are bedridden for a few days to recovery.

March 2018, colby connelly loses his position on the gryffindor quidditch team.

April 2018, someone outs scott hall as a werewolf, who is shortly expelled afterward for biting another student.

April 2018, maxine bálor is expelled and arrested for using an unforgivable on another student.

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