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 6th year, korrin jäger, seventeen, female, played by tsundere
WAND black ironwood, kneazle whisker, 9"
PATRONUS blackbird
pet siri
✺ rare wand wood

✺ besides english, korrin is fluent in german and has begun to teach herself japanese the past two years

✺ active and dedicaetd member of the dueling club, debate club, herbalism and horticulture club, and m.c.a.e.t.

─────── ───────

she is born at the start of summer, but that is not why it's her favorite time of year. the days are longer, the sun shines more brightly, tons of pretty flowers are in bloom, and when daddy gets home it's still light out. if he's not too tired, he goes out with her in the garden and plays whatever game she proposes.

casper jäger is a handler at a local menagerie, a glorified title for a custodian of the untamable and messy creatures the shop keeps. he is not an opulent man but his renowned throughout their tiny circle in freiburg for his love for his family. she often shrieks to him, telling caspar she wants to grow up to be just like him. she is unable to detect the sullenness in his smile whenever she says this.

one beaming, warm summer afternoon, she hears her ma's soft cries floating out from one of the open windows of their cottage and the words 'accident' and 'mauled' repeated. but she doesn't know what the second word means. caspar doesn't come home that night, or the next, or the one after that.

she is eight when galiena, her mother, gently informs her daddy has been sent on a mission so important she doesn't know if he will ever come home. with a radiant smile, she tells mommy that it's okay because knows daddy always does his best. the next day, galiena is packing boxes when she wakes up. they are going on a trip she says, to stay with aunt adali since they haven't seen her in a long time.

aunt adali lives in liverpool, the rainiest place she has ever seen. still, her smile never falls as she tells her ma that rain means the flowers will bloom pretty and strong when it's sunny again.

─────── ───────

staying with aunt aldi is not the adventure she thinks or the promise galiena kept repeating when they boarded the train that whisked them away from all of the memories of daddy. mommy calls aldi's flat uppity when aldi isn't around. she isn't allowed to touch anything except for the stuff in her room, which she has to share with mommy. it's cramped and musty even though she peeks her head into the other rooms and finds them neat and uninhabited. mommy cries herself to sleep the first night they arrive but she pretends to be asleep since galiena's tears make her face turn wet too.

aldi and galiena bicker constantly, aldi says awful things to mommy, and the flat aways feel like it full of storms. she tiptoes around for what feels like eons because she doesn't want to upset auntie too. she doesn't think she has ever seen aldi smile; the corners of her mouth never turn upwards. her mouth is full of venom and she is scared to get bit.

until one day, she can tell mommy is too full of all venom aldi that the fear of getting bit is cancelled out. she runs out of the bedroom to find mommy and auntie in the living room, auntie is standing in front of the couch and galiena cowers behind it. aldi's hand is raised, something she has never seen before. she can't explain it but something inside of her urges her forward.

her tiny hand raises in the same as aldi's. in one swift leap over the couch, she brings her hand down while she is midair and a sharp slap echoes throughout the room. she has slapped aldi's hand down with all of her might. tears stream down her face while she screams out to her auntie, something along the lines of never laying a hand on mommy again. aldi responds with a swift smack to her face, leaving a red mark on her face but auntie is the one who has learned a lesson.

aldi wakes her up before dawn the next day, telling her she will work in the flower shop she owns to instill a sense of discipline in her. aldi calls her unruly but she doesn't care. all she has learned is that words need to be shaped to fit into molds of whatever is going on. it takes a lot of practice to learn how to shape words, but it's something she has plenty of time to do while at the shop.

she is nine years old when she realizes she loves flowers more than people and the silly games they play.

─────── ───────

she thinks her heart is going to leap out of her chest because of the trepidation she feels. hogwarts sounds like a divine place but going there means she has to leave ma behind. things are better with aldi, or at least the best they can ever be. a lot of her attention is directed to her instead of ma. the tension has faded since ma works enough to give aldi her portion of rent. but auntie has never raised her hand to ma again, though she worries trouble will return until she returns home at christmas time.

a hard lump is swallowed painfully but she gives ma a shaky nod. she promises that since she can't home she is going to do her absolute best at school. she truly means it.

with her strong will and idealistic outlook, it doesn't take her long to adjust to life at hogwarts. it's an overwhelming experience but seems to be more manageable for an independent, free spirit like herself. with the resolution to perform her very best, she is one of the most earnest first years. it clashes with her demeanor and takes nearly half a year for her to learn how to balance schoolwork and her desire to do whatever appeals to her. but eventually, she gets the hang of it. admittedly, the bulk of the subjects don't connect with her.

but she will be damned if she disappoints her ma.

she writes home every week to give an update on the general happenings of her life. sometimes the letters are lost because of the vapid owl who loves to deliver them on her behalf, but ma always writes back. there are times when she finds herself enjoying the life she has structured at school so much, she nearly forgets to inform her ma. one time she actually does forget, feels herself fill up with dread, and sends ma a shimmering pendant she bought off her roommate for a pretty penny.

life is a balancing act she hasn't quite mastered yet, but she's really trying.

─────── ───────

she loves to be outside. it's where she can always be found, especially if no one can seem to find her. even if it is down pouring, she will stand in the middle of the storm until she catches a cold. when she is stuck inside, she will curl up in the closest window to stare longingly at the grounds. often times she will fall asleep in a window, napping for hours on end.

her friends don't know what to do with her. she means well and always looks out for them. no one would ever deny that. she oozes sympathy and will listen to anyone, even a total stranger. her advice is meant with the best intentions but usually too visionary. she takes offense when someone does not listen to her. but she refuses to take any advice if it does not align with whatever image she has formed in her head.

she would be content to spend all of her time alone, honestly. nature never tries to sway her or deceive her; she appreciates its beauty and she coexists with it contentedly. she prefers to reflect and envision over heedless activity, which can frustrate her mates. but she becomes unyieldingly pragmatic when pursuing ambitions or an idea that inspires her. she can be likened to the unpredictably of the ocean.

however, her experience at hogwarts would have been dull without the company of her friends. they drag her along into their antics, tolerating the flower whose roots are impossible to shift. when in the right state of mind, she blossoms in their attention and imagines a life where she wants to be surrounded by them for an eternity. but when she retreats to her room or the quiet of the grounds, she realizes it's nothing but a folly created by the intoxication of the moment.

plenty of her thoughts are dedicated to the future but she actually doesn't where it's going to take her. it doesn't scare her in the slightest. the unknown is a beautiful concept to her because it's more things she gets to experience and learn. she's waiting for the moment when a concept will pop into her mind and everything will make sense. until then, she is enjoying her dwelling on the moment while the future continues to loom over her. she enjoys grinning at it, nice and big.

─────── ───────

she truly belongs among the wildflowers.

─────── ───────
1. korrin is determined to move back to freiburg with her mother sooner or later.
2. she is extremely determined and patient when it comes to learning, excels at potions, charms, and herbology.
3. bleeding hearts are her favorite flowers but she'll tell you she loves all types of nature.
4. she is more thick skinned than people assume. though she easily takes offense, her thoughtfulness keeps her emotions from getting the best of her.
5. her passion and strong will are the most admirable and terrifying parts of her. she will gladly be abandoned by everyone who cares for her if they oppose her ideas. she will never abandon her beliefs.
6. often, she will fall in love with the idea of a person before rationality sets in and she realizes how foolish she is being.
7. she prefers tart and bitter foods to anything sweet.
portrayed by LUKA MEGURINE from VOCALOID
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