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 unlikely friends, [1/1] open
unlikely friends
Hello and thanks for taking a look at this ad! This is a request for a best friend for Xing, aka Sawyer.

A little bit of background on the two: They would have met on the train in first year, and been friends ever since. The two of them look out for each other's backs — and for a reason.

And now for the one detail that I must stress: This best friend MUST be part-giant. Preferably 1/4 or 1/2 if you can afford it. (idk i just thought it'd be funny if they're kinda like penn and teller)

Name and FC is entirely up to you, though the one in the ad is Russia from Hetalia. Gender is also open. I'd prefer if they were in the same year, but I'm open to the best friend being in an older year. Just no higher than fifth. I also don't mind what house they're in.

Personality is also up to you. Feel free to read Sawyer's app for a little bit of information, though I've done my best to keep details open. Note that what the friend has said in the app can be changed!

As always, this should not be the character's only plot. If you're interested, feel free to find me in cbox, pm, or on discord as jaronart#2234 .

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BODY SWITCH • Some students and faculty members have been affected by a prank! They must work together to switch back into their own bodies. Read how to do so here!
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