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a noncanon harry potter roleplay
Established in March 2017, ALOHOMORA is an intermediate, non–canon Harry Potter roleplay in a — sometimes dark! — slice of life setting. Whether your character is a Hogwarts student or an auror working for the Ministry of Magic, our interactive world is steeped in possibility — and, of course, magic!

We encourage members to create and drive their own plot arcs, and as a community, emphasize good writing and character development. Want to join? Read our information, and pop into the cbox! We hope to meet you soon.
THIS WAY COMES - P2, 5/15. The force in the dungeons has made its way around the castle, causing the school to go into lockdown for the night! Learn more about the event and how to participate here!

ACTIVITY LOG, 5/15. It's that time again! Make sure to post in our activity log and save your characters by May 31st!
autumn ( october 2018 )
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 THE DRACONIDS, open to all students
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One evening of early October, Professor Tripathy opens the Astronomy Tower for all to join him for an evening of stargazing. The doors will be open from 8pm and curfew will be extended for attendees provided they stay within Manish's sight in the tower.

The Draconids are usually modest and few, but hopefully the new moon will make them easier to spot. The telescopes around the tower are fashioned with photo capturing equipment. Students are free to try and capture shots of the Draconid meteors. Anyone who's successful stands to get extra house points.

• This is a free and easy event with a chance to score some house points!
• Students are free to post in the event thread located here. There is no posting order. Manish might pop by to say hi.
• Students will be awarded points for attendance/replying the thread.
• For extra points, take a photo with the astrophotography camera and show it to Manish (tag me!). I'll flip a coin to determine if a picture of a meteor was captured. Bonus points will be awarded for successful photo captures!
• Thread will be archived on June 1st, GMT +8.
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Play nice. Be respectful towards your fellow members, staff, and guests. Don't form cliques, and try to make everyone feel welcome!

Be yourself. The cbox is for OOC chat, so please don't post as your character or impersonate other members here.

No drama. Keep the cbox a lighthearted and fun place for all, and take personal issues to IM.

No advertising. Please don't post links to other sites in the cbox. That's what the advertising board is for.
SITE EVENT, THIS WAY COMES PT. II • The mysterious force is back with a vengeance, and on the night of October 17th, the castle has been placed on lockdown. Read how to join here. Lasts until May 31st.

FACULTY EVENT, THE DRACONIDS • Professor Tripathy has invited students to the astronomy towers to view the Draconid meteors. Lasts until June 1st.
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