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a noncanon harry potter roleplay
Established in March 2017, ALOHOMORA is an intermediate, non–canon Harry Potter roleplay in a — sometimes dark! — slice of life setting. Whether your character is a Hogwarts student or an auror working for the Ministry of Magic, our interactive world is steeped in possibility — and, of course, magic!

We encourage members to create and drive their own plot arcs, and as a community, emphasize good writing and character development. Want to join? Read our information, and pop into the cbox! We hope to meet you soon.
ACTIVITY LOG, 6/15. The 15th's hit, and you know what that means... activity log time! Make sure to post in it by the 30th and save your characters!

POST–LOG UPDATE, 6/1. Hi, all! The log is once again finished, and you can read our big post–log update here. We hope some of our new additions will make rping here that much better. Thank you so much for your continued activity!
autumn ( november 2018 )
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 POTION ROULETTE, open to all years
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To lighten the mood amidst disaster (what with a poltergeist on the loose), Zsazsa has decided to hold a potion brewing contest. It's open to all students and will take place in the potions classroom with ingredient stores well stocked for student needs. Students are busily brewing potions in hopes of winning a secret, coveted price.

Any student can join the contest. There will be two rounds that take place, the three characters that get the highest rolls will move on to the final round, one of which will be the winner.

1. each contestant must post once in the contest thread. your character should be finishing up their potion (your choice to write out the whole thing or a few parts of it). do not wait for me to assign points, if you want to join just hop in before the first part's deadline (6/15).

2. potions above your current level have a chance to add points to your roll (you can't get more than 6 points). pick a potion your character already knows. don't use this contest to learn a new potion.

3. the winner will get a special prize so stay sharp and showcase your best potion!

Round one will last from today until 6/15. The final three will be chosen between 6/15 to 6/17 and the last round will go from there until 6/24.

+5 points for participation.
+10 extra if you're in the top three.
+20 points for first place and a special prize.
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