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a noncanon harry potter roleplay
Established in March 2017, ALOHOMORA is an intermediate, non–canon Harry Potter roleplay in a — sometimes dark! — slice of life setting. Whether your character is a Hogwarts student or an auror working for the Ministry of Magic, our interactive world is steeped in possibility — and, of course, magic!

We encourage members to create and drive their own plot arcs, and as a community, emphasize good writing and character development. Want to join? Read our information, and pop into the cbox! We hope to meet you soon.
ACTIVITY LOG 016, 7/15. We're onto log sixteen — wow! Time sure does fly. Please read the directions and post here to save your characters!
autumn ( november 2018 )
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 01. face claim, mandatory
short for vivacious has 6 posts and 0 galleons. viv is Offline.
year, occupation
in THIS economy? (they/them)
marital status
blood, species
eldritch being from the depths
After acceptance, you are required to claim your character's playby in this thread. If you don't, someone else may use the claim—and trust us, it's an awkward situation for all.

Members are permitted to reserve their face claim while they work on their application. These reservations last for two weeks with no extensions. If the application isn't completed within two weeks, the reservations will be removed, and someone else is free to claim your playby. You are permitted to reserve up to two face claims at one time.

Sometimes, applications aren't going to be finished within two weeks. We get that. For a fee of 25 galleons, you can re-reserve your face claim for an extra week. You can re-reserve the face claim as many times as you want, but you'll have to pay the fee each time.

To avoid re-reserving each week, you can pay 100 galleons upfront to keep your reserve for up to a month. Since this isn't a shop item, simply reply to this post with your re-reserve, and we'll automatically take points from your account(s). Make sure you have enough, or the staff won't put up the reserve!

Requests for wanted ads are not counted as reserves; they are simply the preferred face claim of a member's ad. If you take the face claim, you are not required to take the ad. The reserve for the claim will be removed once your character has been accepted.
    ● post in code.
    ● make sure everything is filled out completely.
    ● when filling out "MEMBERGROUP," type it in ALL LOWERCASE.
    ● failure to follow directions will lead to a deleted post.
gryffindor, hufflepuff, ravenclaw, slytherin, faculty, & civilian.
acca 13-ku kansatsu-ka • lilium » manish tripathy
akagami no shirayuki-hime • zen wistaria » helios balthazar
annie mei project • annie mei » harper levesconte
the arcana • asra » tobias hayward
aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe • aristotle mendoza » milo kendrick
avatar: the last airbender • katara » alvara alcidez
axis powers hetalia • belarus » daisy wickham
axis powers hetalia • denmark » icarus aurion
axis powers hetalia • iceland » freyr hansen
axis powers hetalia • norway » freyja hansen
axis powers hetalia • seychelles » xiomara cravalho
axis powers hetalia • spain » griffin moreno
batman • jason todd » abel hart
big hero 6 • tadashi hamada » scott hall
bungou stray dogs • akiko yosano » hazel ashworth
cinderella phenomenon • waltz cresswell » erskine hyde
citrus • aihara mei » lyra caldwell
d. gray-man • miranda lotto » amethyst waite
d. grayman • nea d. campbell » damian black
dangan ronpa • kyouko kirigiri » lydia hayward
diamond no ace • miyuki kazuya » asher kipling
dishonored • corvo attano » elias galanis
dishonored • daud » dominic helmsley
dragon age ll • fenris » oliver perron
dragon age: inquisition • cullen rutherford » warwick hart
dragon age: inquisition • dorian pavus » alder loveridge
dragon age: origins • alistair theirin » riordan manderly
dream daddy • amanda » therese white
durarara!!! • izaya orihara » jacob doe
fate grand order • hakuno kishinami » katarina vazhenskaya
fate grand order • queen medb » ashley carver
fire emblem • camilla » benevolence knightley
fire emblem • elise » reverie gunning
fire emblem • morgan (female) » lennox byrne
fire emblem • morgan (male) » maddox byrne
fire emblem • niles » hassan suleiman
fire emblem • tiki » yulia pavlo
gangsta • alex benedetto » bernadette white
girls of the wild's • hye shin kim » jiah shin
gravity falls • dipper pines » jesse carpenter
haikyuu!!! • bokuto koutarou » chet chase
haikyuu!! • haiba alisa » moira hamilton
haikyuu!! • hinata shouyou » dakota delancy
haikyuu!! • oikawa tooru » algernon pemberley
harry potter • draco malfoy » jude fetherstonhaugh
heroes of olympus • hazel levesque » josephine gunning
heroes of olympus • percy jackson » river brooks
hibi chouchou • suiren shibazeki » milou de villiers
hirunaka no ryuusei • daiki mamura » wesley darlington
hirunaka no ryuusei • suzume yosano » attilie mun
hirunaka no ryuusei • yuyuka nekota » louise lefevre
horimiya • miyamura izumi » pascale o'mooney
houseki no kuni • diamond » eunhye bae
the idolm@ster: cinderella girls • fujimoto rina » honey o'connell
the idolm@ster cinderella girls • kamiya nao » trisha lau
the idolm@ster: cinderella girls • shiki ichinose » natasha severin
jojo's bizarre adventure • josuke higashikata » ashton prince
jojo's bizarre adventure • reimi » johanna manderly
jojo's bizarre adventure • yukako yamagishi » charlie yao
katekyo hitman reborn • miura haru » ariella kempton
kimi ni todoke • sawako kuronuma » kaguya minamoto
kingdom hearts • roxas » keith grayson
king's maker • wolfgang goldenleonard » tyrus bálor
legend of korra • suyin beifong » phillipa hawkins
life is strange • nathan prescott » peter lindonn
marvel comics • jessica jones » ramona di luca
marvel comics • miles morales » marko jones
marvel comics • shuri » dido kinsley
marvel comics • storm » sydney wilder
marvel comics • wanda maximoff » aurelia abbott
miraculous ladybug • chloe bourgeois » toni de villiers
mystic messenger • 707» fraser ross
noragami • yukine » nathaniel weaver
one piece • portgas d. ace » nico lucciano
overwatch • brigitte » teagan cole
overwatch • d.va » juliet hawkins
overwatch • mercy » freyja hansen
overwatch • pharah » aisha javadi
overwatch • reaper » leon baer
overwatch • symmetra » pooja suryaprakash
pokémon • may » caitlin moon
ran to haiirono sekai • shizuka uruma » zsazsa váradi
sailor moon • hotaru tomoe » odette hawkins
sailor moon • michiru kaioh » persephone wickham
sailor moon • setsuna meiou » fortuna quinn
sherlock holmes • sherlock holmes » leander severin
shigatsu wa kimi no uso • kaori miyazono » aurora aurion
shingeki no kyojin • jean kirschtein » colby connelly
shingeki no kyojin • krista lenz » lily swann
shingeki no kyojin • marco bodt » tony bisognin
short cake cake • ten serizawa » hedy kempton
six of crows • jesper fahey » figaro kinsley
tales of symphonia • genis sage » marcus de vitte
tales of symphonia • raine sage » laurel de vitte
their story • sun jing » cecily tsang
tonari no kaibutsu-kun • yamaguchi kenji » theodore gunning
touhou project • alice margatroid » cassiopeia balthazar
touken ranbu • ookurikara » jason kincaid
tsubaki-chou lonely planet • akatsuki kibikino » huck mun
tsubaki-chou lonely planet • ohno fumi » charlotta hamilton
tsubaki-chou lonely planet • yoh tobiume » esther lévesque
watchdogs • marcus holloway » lamar rae
uncharted: a thief's end • rafe adler » paris knight
vanitas no carte • noe archiviste » ira saluja
voltron: legendary defenders • allura » vanessa perron
voltron: legendary defenders • keith kogane » dorian sol
welcome to night vale • carlos » zachariah ziegler
welcome to night vale • cecil palmer » ysmael aurion
yumemiru taiyou • shimana kameko » gabriela royce
zelda • princess zelda » mackenzie delfosse
chibiusa tsukino from sailor moon is reserved for boo until july 16
tohsaka rin from fate stay/night is reserved for morgan fey until july 23
kirisame marisa from touhou project is reserved for roosie until july 26
sora from kingdom hearts is wanted for this wanted ad for keith grayson
t'challa from black panther is wanted for this wanted ad for figaro kinsley
<b>series</b> • faceclaim » <span class="MEMBERGROUP IN LOWERCASE">charactername</span><br>
<b>faceclaim</b> from <b>series</b> is reserved for <b>yourname</b> until <b>leaveblank</b><br>
[b]faceclaimname[/b] from [b]series[/b] is wanted for [url=LINK]this wanted ad[/url] for <span class="MEMBERGROUP IN LOWERCASE">charactername</span><br>
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SITE EVENT, CREATE A SPELL • In hopes to fill our spells & potions list with more unique magics, the staff is hosting an OOC event in which members are tasked with creating original spells and potions. The member with the most interesting potion will receive a special prize! Read about the event here. Lasts from July 1st — July 31st.
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