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a noncanon harry potter roleplay
Established in March 2017, ALOHOMORA is an intermediate, non–canon Harry Potter roleplay in a — sometimes dark! — slice of life setting. Whether your character is a Hogwarts student or an auror working for the Ministry of Magic, our interactive world is steeped in possibility — and, of course, magic!

We encourage members to create and drive their own plot arcs, and as a community, emphasize good writing and character development. Want to join? Read our information, and pop into the cbox! We hope to meet you soon.
ACTIVITY LOG 016, 7/15. We're onto log sixteen — wow! Time sure does fly. Please read the directions and post here to save your characters!
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 05. spell & potion levels, reference sheet
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Like most schools, Hogwarts begins with the basics and works their way up over time. The difficulty of each spell and potion builds each year, meaning that most students will stay with the curriculum.

Below, we have listed the spells and potions that students of each year learn throughout their time at Hogwarts. Members should be aware that, while students are able to learn spells taught in the year they are currently in, they may not be able to use them well. It is, however, safe to say that your character has most likely mastered all spells taught below their current year.

This list is heavily influenced by spells in the universe; that being said, some have been omitted. We have chosen to omit some because 1) the effects were similar to another spell, 2) it was useless to the site, or 3) it was something we didn't think necessary for characters to be able to learn (i.e., horcruxes, which are not permitted to use on the site).
You can have your character learn spells in the years above them by purchasing it from the spells & mastery section in the site store. Please follow the criteria outlined in this thread in order to fully master learning another spell, potion, or ability.

Attempts to use a spell or potion above a character's current year may result in exploding cauldrons, accidental poisoning, or backfiring wands. Cast with caution!

ALL SPELLS LEARNED ABOVE GRADE LEVEL MUST BE LISTED IN YOUR APPLICATION. You may update your application at any point after acceptance to do this.
Members are permitted to create their own spells or potions for use in roleplay here. In order to officialize it, you will have to reply to the spell creation thread using the available form.

When a spell is created, the staff will add it to the list beneath the year the character is currently in. For example, if a fifth year creates a potion, then it will be placed in the potions list under fifth year. If you would like to use a member–created spell, the character who uses it must teach you during an IC thread.

Original spells and potions will be marked with a .
All spells in this list fall into one or more of the following categories.

Please note that, despite how they are categorized, spells can be learned in across classes. For example, "obscuro" is listed as a transfiguration spell, but may reasonably be taught in Defence Against the Dark Arts.
poison / deadly
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This list was created with help from the Harry Potter Wiki. Potions have been placed in their years based on either canon usage, difficulty, or perceived difficulty based on effects.
Antidote to Common Poisons • Counteracts ordinary poisons, such as bites and stings.

Cure for Boils • Cures boils, even if obtained through the pimple jinx.

Developing Solution • a special potion used to develop moving photos.

Drowsiness Draught • The fumes of this potion can induce drowsiness, tiredness, and fatigue in the drinker.

Forgetfulness Potion • Causes memory loss in the drinker.

Herbicide • A potion that kills or damages plants.

Vitamix Potion • Made with all natural ingredients, this potion acts as a sort of magical energy drink.

Wideye Potion • Prevents the user from falling asleep, and can awaken someone who is concussed or drugged.

Wiggenweld Potion • A healing potion that can awaken someone from a magically–induced sleep.
Babbling Beverage • Causes the drinker to babble incoherently.

Burning Cure for Cold (created by attilie mun) • An alternative to the Pepperup Potion, this Korean remedy "burns" a cold out of the recipient's system. Drinking the mixture has been likened to swallowing a fireball.

Cough Potion • Soothes or reduces coughing.

Deflating Draught • A potion that causes anything swollen by magical means to deflate to its normal size. It is a remedy for the swelling solution.

Erumpent Potion • A potion that explodes when touched.

Girding Potion • Increases the user's endurance for a time.

Hate Potion • Causes a particular person to reveal their worst traits and habits to the drinker. Can be undone by a love potion.

Hair-Raising Potion • Makes the user's hair raise.

Sleeping Draught • Causes the drinker to fall instantaneously into a deep, temporary sleep.

Star Grass Salve • An ointment used to soothe sores and wounds. It is not capable of healing, only limiting discomfort.

Swelling Solution • A potion that causes whatever it touches to swell in size.
Antidote to Uncommon Poisons • A potion that cures minor magical or uncommon poisons, such as doxy bites.

Blemish Blitzer • Gets rid of acne.

Bulgeye Potion • Causes one's eyes to swell.

Burning Bitterroot Balm • a medicinal ointment used to soothe pain or discomforts from physical wounds and / or ailments.

Confusing Concoction • A potion that causes confusion in the drinker.

Dizziness Draught • Makes the drinker giddy or lightheaded—in other words, dizzy.

Dogbane Elixir • a bitter-tasting potion designed to reduce fever in a patient.

Essence of Dogbane • made with the same plant as the dogbane elixir, Essence of Dogbane is used as a sedative to slow the recipients heartbeat. It must be injected to be effective.

Laugh Inducing Potion • Provokes uncontrollable laughter in the drinker.

Potion for Dreamless Sleep • Induces drowsiness and lulls the drinker into a dreamless sleep.

Shrinking Solution • Causes creatures to shrink to a younger form.

Star Grass Solution • A potion used specifically to alleviate abdominal pain. Effective in helping to increase appetite and treate bloating.

Undetectable Poisons (Theory) • Poisons that are unable to be detected by any means.
Alihotsy Draught • Made from the alihotsy plant, this potion's potent fumes can induce hysteria.

Beautification Potion • Temporarily enhances the physical appearance of the drinker.

Befuddlement Draught • Causes the user to become reckless.

Bloodroot Tincture • A medicinal potion that induces vomiting in the recipient. Traditionally used to help clear the stomach of toxins and / or edible poisons before they can be fully metabolized. Doses must be very very small, as too much of this tincture can also be very poisonous on its own.

Burning Bitterroot Potion • a multi-purpose medicinal potion designed to ease discomfort and calm the body. It directly effects the nervous system to regulate heartbeat and relax the muscles, used most effectively to soothe the patient until the correct medical treatment can be administered.

Dragon Dung Fertiliser • A potion that helps plants to grow.

Flesh–Eating Slug Repellant • A pesticide used to get rid of flesh–eating slugs.

Revive Potion • Used to restore one's consciousness.

Wit–Sharpening Potion • Allows the user to think more clearly.
Anti-Paralysis Potion • A potion that cures paralysis caused by spells and / or poisons from magical creatures. It takes a few hours for it to fully take effect and though it can work well on its own to relieve symptons, it is known to work faster when mixed with the specific antidote for whatever poison has been administered.

Burn Healing Paste • Not technically a potion, but rather a thick, orange paste used to heal burns.

Calming Draught • Used to calm down a person who recently suffered a shock, trauma, or an emotional outburst.

Dogbreath Potion • When consumed, this potion temporarily gives the user fiery breath.

Draught of Peace • A potion which relieves anxiety or agitation.

Infatuation Potion (created by josephine gunning) • A variant of a love potion that creates a 'naturally' building infatuation towards another person. It works best when brewed with the hair or other DNA of the person whom the distributor wants the recipient to fall in love with, otherwise the recipient will experience a growing infatuation with someone for whom they already have a romantic attraction to (however subtle it may be). When brewed correctly, it is a silvery-blue and is luminescent. Ingredients are known to be expensive. Designed to be mixed into either a drink or some sort of food. Each bite or sip taken will strengthen the effects. It has a very subtle taste of the recipients favorite food.

Invigoration Draught • Boosts the energy of the drinker.

Kissing Potion • Makes the user want to kiss the person who gave it to them and / or the first person they see.

Jawbind Potion • A potion that induces lockjaw, rendering the victim unable to cast spells.

Pepperup Potion • Cures the common cold, but causes steam to rise from the drinker's ears as a side effect.

Strengthening Solution • Increases the user's physical strength.

Suggestion Potion (created by josephine gunning & charlie yao) • full description coming soon. This colorless, odorless potion takes one full lunar phase to brew properly and has a faintly sweet taste. Best administered mixed in with a drink with flavors to overpower it. Depending on the dosage, it can last a few minutes, to a few hours. Side effects include disorientation and temporary lapses in memory.

Aging potion • Causes the user to temporarily become older.

Bruise Removal Paste • A paste that removes bruises within an hour.

Essence of Insanity • A potion that causes irrational behavior similar to insanity.

Fatigue Potion • A potion that causes fatigue to anyone who drinks or inhales it. Potioneers must wear some sort of protective mask to avoid falling victim to its effects during brewing. Love Potion • A brew which causes the drinker to become infatuated or obsessed with the person who gave it to them.

Love Potion Antidote • An antidote to love potions.

Lung-Clearing Potion • A medicinal potion that works to cure infections of the lungs. Requires multiple doses over a few days to fully heal the ailment. Failure to take it for the full prescribed amount of time will result in the infection coming back stronger than before.

Memory Potion • Allows the user to have improved access to their memories.

Hiccoughing Solution • A potion that causes hiccoughs.

Oculus Potion • Can restore the user's vision.

Scar Fading Potion (created by aurora aurion) • A weak healing potion that, when applied directly to skin, will diminish the scarring. Works best with non-magical scars, but will still fade those caused by magic to a lesser degree. Ineffective against those caused by dark magic. Must not be consumed. Over-application can cause irritation or a rash.

Volubillis Potion • A potion that alters the drinker's voice.

Antidote to Veritaserum • Removes the effects of veritaserum.

Blood Replenishing Potion • A potion that replenishes the taker's blood if they have been injured and lost blood.

Doxycide • A potion that kills doxies.

Draught of Living Death • A potion that places the drinker in such a deep sleep that they appear dead.

Elixir to Induce Euphoria • Makes the drinker experience an intense or irrational happiness.

Essence of Dittany • A powerful healing solution applied directly to open wounds. While it causes them to heal instantly, it is incredibily uncomfortable and will leave heavy scarring.

Fire Protection Potion • A potion that protects the user from being burnt.

Garrotting Gas • While the Garrotting Potion itself is harmless, inhalation of the gas causes immediate choking. Stepping out of small range of the gas is all that's necessary to alleviate the symptoms, however, prolonged exposure can result in more dangerous consequences. The gas is colorless, but not odorless, smelling very strongly like cinnamon.

Invisibility Potion • A potion that allows the user to become invisible.

Murtlap Essence • Soothes painful cuts and abrasions.

Amortentia • The most powerful love potion in existence. It causes a powerful obsession and infatuation from the drinker.

Angel's Trumpet Draught (created by paris knight) • created from the seeds and leaves of the plant, Angel’s Trumpet, this draught is a powerful poison. The effect of the poison is slow acting. Symptoms include: amnesia, headaches, and violent, terrifying hallucinations. The draught smells pleasant and fragrant, and is especially potent at night.

Angel's Trumpet Elixir (created by paris knight) • created from the flower of the plant, Angel’s Trumpet, this elixir is often used as a hangover cure when added to tea or other drinks. However, the treatment itself is often described as unpleasant and might actually induce vomiting. You might feel like you're going to die afterwards, but you'll definitely be rid of your hangover!

Deathcap Poison • A pleasant taste and smelling, yet highly toxic poison brewed using the deathcap mushroom. Symptoms of this poison do not begin to take effect for a couple of days. During that time, the poison does severe damage to internal organs and irreparable damage to the liver. Symptoms include severe abdominal pain, vomiting, and overal discomfort, followed days later by delirium, siezures, and liver and kidney failure. Antidotes must be administered early to be effective.

Drink of Despair • a bright emerald potion which induces fear, delirium, and extreme thirst. It does not kill the recipient, but it has no known antidote and can take hours depending on the dosage to wear off. Essence of Insanity Antidote (created by paris knight) • a variant of the known antidote that’s tasteless and scentless.

Felix Felicis • Also known as "liquid luck," this potion makes the drinker lucky for a period of time. During this time, everything the user attempts is successful.

Mandrake Restorative Draught • A powerful potion brewed using mandrake root to restore victims of transfiguration back to their original state. Can cure the effects of Basilisk Petrification, failed transformations, and other similar ailments. Must be brewed using fresh mandrake root that has grown passed adolescence. While it it sometimes used to try to fix failed animagus transformations, it often doesn't work for this particular issue.

Polyjuice Potion • A potion that temporarily transforms the drinker into another person.

Potion of Attraction (created by paris knight) • a potion that makes the drinker incredibly attractive to others in a limited amount of time. Similar to a veela’s charm.

Skele-Grow • A potion that can regrow the bones in a person's body that are lost or missing.

Veritaserum • A powerful serum that forces the drinker to tell the truth.

Waking Dream Potion • A difficult potion that places the drinker into a semi-conscious state, almost like hypnosis. Depending on the strength of the potion and amount taken, the drinker may or may not remember everything that happens. Tastes like cotton.

Wolfsbane Potion (May be taught to werewolves at younger ages; must be purchased to master) • Eases the symptoms of lycanthropy, preventing werewolves from losing their minds before a transformation.
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This Spell list is incorporated from the Harry Potter Wiki. Spells have been placed in their years based on either canon usage of the spell, the canon-explained difficulty of the spell, or their perceived difficulty based on the effects and the lack of use in the books. Attempt to use any spells beyond your age level WITHOUT purchasing them will result in a spell backfire.

Cribbing Spells, or spells that are used to cheat on tests, are allowed in all years but are not part of the Hogwarts curriculum, therefore, they are not listed on the official list. However, younger students will likely not be be able to use the spells effectively, and cheating on exams is punishable by loss of house points, detention, or, in extreme cases, expulsion from Hogwarts.

Avifors • A spell which turns an inanimate object into a birds.

Alohomora • A spell used to unlock and open doors. Can open doors which have been locked with colloportus, but not those bewitched to resist the spell itself.

Baubillious • Releases a bright, yellow-white bolt from the tip of the user's wand. Potentially harmful.

Algens Incendio • also known as Bluebell Flames. Releases bright blue, waterproof flames that stream or jet from the caster's wand, which then condense into a body of fire on the targeted object. Can be kept in small objects, such as jars.

Bullapartum • The Bubble Producing Charm. Creates a harmless stream of bubbles from the tip of the wand. The colors can vary depending on the user's preferences. Often used to decorate Christmas trees.

Colloportus • Magically locks a door. Doors under this charm cannot be opened by muggle means.

Descendo • Causes any object to lower itself or descend. Can be used to knock things over or to easily retrieve items from high shelves.

Epoximise • Affixes an object to another like glue. A weaker version of the Permanent Sticking Charm.

Flintifors • Turns a small creature or item into a matchbox.

Flipendo • Pushes the target away with a burst of blue-white light. Can wind the target if they're hit properly; can knock them out if the caster is powerful enough.

Herbifors • A spell which makes flowers sprout atop the target's head.

Incendio • A spell which produces fire. Can be extinguished easily with water, or with a freezing or water charm.

Lapifors • Transforms small objects into rabbits.

Locomotor • Makes an object float or move at the will of the caster. Must be cast with the name of an object, e.g. locomotor lamp.

Locomotor Mortis • Magically binds legs together. Can be released with the counter curse.

Lumos • Creates a narrow beam of light from the tip of the wand. Release with Nox.

Lumos Solem • Creates a ray of light as bright as the sun. Can temporarily bind.

Mucus ad Nauseam • Curses the victim to experience a strong cold which, untreated, can make said victim collapse.

Nox • Releases Lumos.

Protego • Defends the caster against minor and moderate jinxes, curses, and hexes by making the spell rebound upon the attacker. Powerful spells can break through this shield, but will be weakened. Unforgivable curses and advanced magic are unaffected by this spell.

Reparifarge • Counters a Transfiguration spell gone wrong.

Reparo • Repairs broken things.

Spongify • Softening charm, used to make a target area rubbery and bouncy.

Steleus • Causes the victim to sneeze repeatedly for a period of time. Used as a distraction in dueling.

Verdimillious • Produces green energy from the wand by means of sparks. Used to reveal objects hidden by the dark arts, or in duels.

Waddiwasi • Frees objects lodged in small places, then shoots them through the air.

Wingardium Leviosa • Levitates objects.
Agilis • Also known as the Feather Light charm. Causes an object to be extremely lightweight, regardless of the size.

Aparecium • Makes invisible items appear. This will not work on an object with powerful magic on it, such as an invisibility cloak.

Arresto Momentum • Slows down a moving object. Can be used to stop a falling person or slow down a projectile.

Arguto • Also known as the babbling curse. Causes the victim to babble uncontrollably.

Diffindo • Used to cut something precisely and accurately. Can be used domestically or offensively.

Engorgio • Causes objects to swell up according to the caster's preference.

Everte Statum • Throws the target backwards. Being hit with it has been described as being hit with a frying pan.

Expelliarmus • Used to disarm another witch or wizard, causing the wand to fly from the target's hand. Can also throw back an opponent as an attack when used with greater force. Advanced users can disarm multiple opponents at once.

Contineo • Also known as the gripping charm. Helps something grip another thing more effectively. Used on quaffles to help chasers carry them while holding their brooms.

Finite or Finite Incantatum • Widely effective counter curse. Negates the effects of non-complex spells. Not one hundred percent reliable.

Immobulus • Renders the target immobile. Can be used to disable certain muggle alarms.

Inflatus • Inflates objects, either living or dead.

Jelly-Fingers Curse • Causes the target's fingers to become jelly-like, making it difficult to grasp objects.

Melofors • Encases the victim's head in a pumpkin, which can be shattered to free them, or it will fall apart on its own in time.

Mimblewimble • Binds the target's tongue to keep them from talking about a specific subject.

Mobiliarbus • Levitates and moves plants and trees to the caster's wishes, as well as materials made of wood.

Molliare • Creates an unseen softening effect on target surfaces. Used on brooms in manufacturing to make them more comfortable.

Petrificus Totalus • Temporarily binds the victim's body in a position similar to military attention.

Reducio • Shrinks enlarged objects. Releases engorgio.

Rictusempra • Causes an extreme tickling sensation to the victim.

Serpensortia • Conjures a snake from the caster's wand.

Slugulus Eructo • Causes a jet of green light to strike the opponent, forcing them to vomit slugs for ten minutes. The size of the slugs decreases in time.

Tarantallegra • Makes the victim's legs dance uncontrollably.

Vera Verto • Causes animals to turn into water goblets.

Verdimillious Duo • Produces green or red energy from the tip of the wand. Useful in duels. When the green sparks are used by more than one caster on a werewolf, they will subdue it. The red sparks can be used as a flare.

Vermillious Duo • Conjures a jet of red sparks and electrical discharge. Useful in dueling.
Abscondo • Also known as the concealment charm. Conceals things from view and hides the inherent magical properties of objects.

Alarte Ascendare • Launches the target up into the air. Typically works on smaller objects, though capable of knocking a person back if well-placed.

Avis • Causes a flock of birds to come out of one's wand. Can be a defensive distraction, or as on offensive attack with the addition of oppugno at the end.

Bombarda • Creates a small explosion.

Carpe Retractum • Produces a magical rope attached to the caster's wand to pull objects together.

Dissendium • Forces something open that cannot be opened by other means. Cannot be used to open something that has been charmed with powerful dark magic.

Draconifors • Temporarily transfigures dragon statues into real dragons. Typically used and taught on small statues, but a very powerful wizard can transform larger ones.

Drought Charm • Dries up puddles and ponds. Not powerful enough to affect lakes and other large bodies of water.

Ducklifors • Temporarily transfigures a target into a duck.

Erecto • Erects an object, such as a tent.

Fumos • Creates a defensive cloud of smoke from the tip of one's wand.

Glacius • Freezes things into ice. Typically used on liquids, though it can freeze people as well.

Impervius • Enables something to repel substances, from water to solid objects.

Inermus Flamma • Also known as the Flame Freezing spell. Causes fire to become harmless to those caught in it, instead making it tickle rather than burn.

Lumos Duo • An amplified variant of the Lumos charm. Causes an extremely bright, intense beam of light to erupt from the tip of the wand and actually connect with the target, creating a blinding effect.

Lumos Maxima • A variant of Lumos. Shoots a ball of light from the tip of the wand in the direction the wand is swung. The ball is harmless to touch, functioning like a lantern.

Mediocanti • Also known as Fairy Song, causes a statue to turn into a singing fairy. The fairy can sing at whatever range the caster wishes. Useful for practicing or for backup vocals.

Mobilicorpus • Levitates and moves a body to the caster's wishes, living or dead.

Orchideous • Causes plants and flowers to bloom instantaneously.

Periculum • Creates red sparks like a flare to shoot from the caster's wand. Used by groups of people to locate each other over a distance, or as a sign of warning, and can be used as a distraction in dire situations.

Riddikulus • Combats a boggart. In order to successfully perform this spell, the caster must be focusing on something incredibly funny to change the boggart into that, instead. Otherwise, it will have no effect.

Skurge • Cleans up the sticky green ectoplasm created by passing ghosts. Can also be used to frighten spirits.

Verto • A basic version of the switching spell. Causes two objects to be switched with one another. When modified with other words, i.e., Vera Verto, it has more specific effects.

Ventus • Causes a blast of wind to shoot form the end of the wand and push back a target.
Accio • Summons an object to the caster from a distance. It can be cast two ways: by stating the incantation and pointing at the object, or by saying the incantation followed by the name of the item you're summoning. Accio can only summon items and small animals. Enchanted items cannot be summoned (except wands.)

Aestus • Also known as the Hot Air charm. Causes the wand to emit hot air. Typically used to dry one's clothing or hair, or to provide heat and warmth.

Arania Exumai • Used specifically for large spider species. Either kills or knocks them back, depending on the strength of both the spell and the spider.

Ascendio • Lifts the caster into the air. Not used to fly—only to propel oneself short distances.

Aguamenti • Produces a jet of water from the tip of the wand.

Bat Bogey Hex • Grotesquely enlarges the target's bogies, gives them wings, and makes them attack the victim.

Cespito • Also known as the Tripping Jinx. Trips people.

Cistem Aperio • An unlocking / opening spell used specifically for chests, boxes or crates. Opens them with a burst of white light.

Colloshoo • Glues the victim's shoes to the ground with some sort of sticky ectoplasm.

Counter Curses • A number of counter curses are taught in fourth year. Students are expected to learn to effectively cure a number of curses from simple and intermediate levels.

Densaugeo • Causes the victim's teeth to grow rapidly.

Depulso • Blasts away a certain object; the opposite of accio, similar to flipendo.

Engorgio Skullus • Causes the victim's skull to swell. Its counter curse is redactum skullus.

Entomorphis • Turns the target into an insectoid for a short amount of time.

Episkey • Heals relatively minor injuries, such as small broken bones or wounds.

Exscindo • Obliteration charm. Erases or destroys things. Typically used to erase footprints and other things of the like.

Flagrante • Causes objects to emit a searing heat when touched.

Flagrate • Leaves fiery markings either in the air or on a surface.

Hex Deflection • A number of hex deflection curses are taught in fourth year. Students are expected to learn to block many simple and intermediate hexes.

Imperturbable Charm • Creates a magical barrier on an object to prevent eavesdropping.

Inanimatus Conjurus • Conjures an inanimate object. In order for this to work, the user must know where the object is.

Invenio (created by leander severin) • when cast on a map, will locate a person specified and display the name beside them, eg. "Invenio Name McName".

Locomotor Wibbly • The "Jelly Legs Jinx." Causes the victim's legs to wobble uncontrollably, rendering them temporarily useless until the spell wears off, or until the counter curse is performed.

Musa Alludios • Charms an instrument to play by itself. The quality of music is based on the caster's skill level with the instrument.

Multicorfors • Changes the color of clothes. Similar to Colovaria.

Oculus Infirmum • Also known as the Conjunctivitis Curse. Causes irritation in the target's eyes, making them swell shut like the infection conjunctivitis. The Oculus Potion cures this curse.

Point Me • Causes the user's wand to act as a compass, pointing them north at all times.

Redactum Skullus • Shrinks the target's head. It can also be used as a counter spell to Engorgio Skullus.

Relashio • Forces the subject to release whatever they're holding or binding. A counter curse to Incarcerous.

Renocresco • Causes fur to grow on someone.

Sardinasus Eructo • Also known as the Sardine Hex. Causes sardines to come out of the victim's nose.

Scourgify • Cleans something.

Toenail Grown Hex • Causes the victim's toenails to grow uncontrollably.

Unbreakable Charm • Makes something unbreakable by normal, and sometimes magical, means.

Unforgiveable Curses (Theory) • Taught only in theory, not in practice. This encompasses Avada Kedavra, Imperio, and Crucio.
Anteoculatia • Turns the target's hair into antlers.

Aurisico • Also known as the Ear Shriveling curse. Causes one's ears to shrivel up.

Bloody Nose Hex (created by juno iboshi) • Breaks the nose and causes a severe nosebleed that can last for over an hour.

Calvorio • Causes the victim to lose their hair and go bald.

Capilopia • Thickens one's hair.

Cheero • Also known as the Cheering Charm. Causes the target to be happy and content. If cast too strongly, it may cause the person to break into uncontrollable laughter.

Colovaria • Changes the color of an object.

Confundo • Causes the victim to become confused and befuddled. Those under the influence of this charm are easy to manipulate.

Cornflake Skin Spell • Causes the target's skin to look as though it's coated in cornflakes. It is a very uncomfortable spell and, depending upon how it's cast, can be quite painful.

Diminuendo • Causes objects to shrink.

Disillusionment Charm • Hides the true magical nature of something. Often used on Invisibility Cloaks, this charm can also conceal a person or object by making them blend in with their surroundings.

Evanesco • Causes objects to vanish.

Expecto Patronum • Summons the incarnation of the caster's most positive emotions as protection against dark creatures, such as dementors and lethifolds. Most patroni are non-corporeal, meaning they usually take the form of a wispy, silvery mist. Advanced casters are able to conjure a corporeal patronus, which takes the concrete form of an animal which represents the caster in some way. Though taught, the ability to summon a corporeal patronus is an ADULT LEVEL spell.

Furnunculus • The Pimple Jinx. Causes the target to become covered in painful boils.

Geminio • Creates a duplicate of any object it is cast upon. Not capable of duplicating people.

Glisseo • Causes steps on a stairway to flatten like a ramp or slide.

Ignisilva (created by juno iboshi) • Dragon Mouth Hex. Turns the target's saliva into smoke and makes them drool copiously.

Imito Origo • The Protean Charm. Causes copies of an object to be affected by changes made on the original.

Impedimenta • Trips, freezes, binds, and/or knocks back an object or a person's advance toward the caster.

Levicorpus • Dangles a victim upside down by their ankles. The victim will not be let down until the counter curse is cast.

Liberacorpus • The counter curse to Levicorpus. Be warned that the cursed person will not fall gracefully without some sort of levitation spell cast prior.

Locus (Point Me Variant) (created by aries caldwell) • Upon casting with the name of an object, animal, or person (ex. locus Aries Caldwell), the wand, balanced on a finger, will spin and then point at the current location of the subject at the time of casting. Range and accuracy is affected by the strength and specificity put into the spell. Multiple casts are necessary for best results.

Muffliato • Creates a private atmosphere. Anyone around when this is cast will hear an unidentifiable buzzing to keep them from snooping. The caster has the power to control who can and cannot hear the conversation.

Oppugno • Directs an object or individual to attack the victim. Causes conjured creatures or other movable objects under the control of the caster to attack the target.

Pack • Used to pack luggage.

Pus Squirting Hex • Causes yellowish goo to squirt from the victim's nose.

Reducto • Breaks objects. If powerful enough, it also disintegrates them. When breaking an inanimate object, Reparo works as a counter curse.

Sagitta Impetus • Also known as the Arrow Shooting spell. Shoots arrows from the tip of the caster's wand. The arrows have penetrating power, so caution is advised.

Salvio Hexia • Reflects minor hexes aimed at an object. Often cast around a perimeter.

Silencio • Forces something into silence.

Stupefy • Shoots a beam of red light from the wand to stun the opponent. Forceful use can result in an unconscious state, but otherwise it wears off in time. The counter spell is Rennervate. Useless on magic-resistant creatures.

Tergeo • Cleans matter from a surface.
Aqua Eructo • Creates a jet of water that shoots from the wand, which the caster is able to control. Stronger than aguamenti.

Anapneo • Clears the target's airway if blocked.

Bombarda Maxima • A more powerful version of bombarda. Strong enough to blast through thick walls.

Bulla Geleati • The Bubble Head charm. Creates a large bubble of air around the head of the caster to allow them to breathe in otherwise unbreathable conditions.

Cantis • An incantation used to make the target sing.

Cascading Jinx • An offensive spell meant for attacking multiple opponents at once in a tight-knit area. Erupts in an explosion, hitting everything within the range set by the caster.

Cave Inimicum • Protective spell that conjures a shield to keep casters hidden. Those outside the shield cannot see or hear those inside.

Confringo • Causes anything it comes into contact with to burst into flames. Essentially, this spell is a magical bomb.

Crinus Muto • Transforms the color and style of hair to the caster's liking.

Fianto Duri • A modifier for a shield charm which allows the shield to remain active while the caster does other things. Effectively creates a magical barrier.

Gemino Supremum • Also called the Gemino Curse. Causes the object it's cast on to multiply itself when touched to try and hide the original object.

Homenum Revelio • Reveals human presence in the vicinity of the caster.

Homorphia (Theory) • Forces an Animagus or transfigured object to assume its natural shape. Though theory is taught this year, the spell is ADULT LEVEL in casting.

Hostis Praemoneo • Intruder charm. Detects intruders and sounds an alarm.

Jacio • The Hurling Hex. Causes an object (typically for transportation) to buck and vibrate violently in an attempt to knock their rider off.

Langlock • "Glues" the target's tongue to the roof of their mouth, making it impossible for them to speak.

Non-Verbal Spells • Students, by the end of their sixth year, are expected to learn to effectively cast beginner and intermediate magic non-verbally. NOTE, non-verbal magic is rarely as powerful as spoken magic.

Obliviate • Hides the memory of a particular event. If performed incorrectly, this spell has the potential to completely wipe the mind of the caster. This spell can sometimes be broken with a powerful counter curse or extreme duress.

Obscuro • Conjures a blindfold over the eyes of the victim, therefore obstructing their view of the area.

Protego Totalum • Casts a shield charm around a small area, preventing anything from passing through with the exception of the Three Unforgivable Curses.

Pungo • The Stinging Hex. Stings the victim's flesh, producing a red brand like a scorch mark and causing swelling.

Quietus • Causes a magically magnified voice to return to normal, or causes a normal voice to go quiet. Counter to Sonorus.

Repleo • The refilling charm. Refills whatever the caster points at with the drink originally in the container.

Resigno • A charm that detects whether an object is enchanted by powerful magic. Similarly to Accio or Locomotor, the caster must specify what they would like to check. For example, "Resigno amulet."

Resisting the Imperius Curse • Taught during Defence Against the Dark Arts. Very few students will have mastered this technique by the end of their sixth year.

Sonorus • Amplifies the spell caster's voice by pointing the wand to the side of the counter's neck. The counter spell is Quietus.

Specialis Revelio • Causes an object to show its hidden magical properties. Can be used to distinguish different ingredients in a potion.

Chamaeleo • The Bedazzling Hex. Conceals a person or object. It does not make them invisible, simply making them blend into their surroundings like a chameleon.

Defaeco Caeli • A household charm that filters pollens, gasses, and poisons from the air. Effective in neutralizing cigarette smoke.

Defodio • Causes deep gouges to appear on the target. It is primarily used for digging, however some people use it as an offensive attack.

Deletrius • Can disintegrate a target. Also erases magical images and after-effects created with Priori Incantatem.

Deprimo • Places an immense downward pressure upon its target. Capable of causing fractures. Can be used to blast holes in surfaces.

Duro • Turns a target to stone. Typically used on inanimate objects. When used on people, it will only affect the area the spell contacts. Only a powerful witch or wizard can turn an entire person to stone with a single cast.

Entrail Expelling Curse • Causes the victim's entrails to come out of their bodies. Primarily used in medical procedures. Used incorrectly or as a curse, it can be incredibly dangerous.

Expulso • Causes a large explosion. Unlike the blasting curse, which uses heat as a conductor, expulso uses pressure. As a result, it can be much more destructive.

Extinguishing Spell • Magically puts out fires.

Ferula • Creates a bandage and a splint to support broken bones until they can be properly healed.

Incarcerous • Conjures ropes, which tie up the victim.

Jelly-Brain Jinx •Causes the target to become confused and have difficulty making decisions and processing simple things. Directly affects the target's mental processes.

Knee-Reversal Hex • Causes the victim's knees to reverse position from the front of their legs to the back.

Partis Temporus • Creates temporary gaps through magical barriers to allow people to pass.

Portus • Turns an object into a portkey. These portkeys cannot be used at Hogwarts, except on designated lecture days.

Priori Incantato • Creates a ghost of the last spell cast by a wand. Cast several times, it can show the last few spells.

Protego Horriblis • A very advanced shield charm used to protect against dark magic. Like most shield charms, it is not effective against Unforgivable Curses.

Quiritatio • The Caterwauling Charm. Sets off a high-pitched shriek if anyone enters its perimeter.

Rennervate • Brings someone out of unconsciousness.

Repello Muggletum • Keeps Muggles away from wizarding places, causing them to remember important meetings they missed or forget what they were doing in the vicinity of the location.

Shield Penetration Spells • A variety of more concentrated spells are taught in seventh year, which are designed to break through simple and some advanced shield charms.

Undetectable Extension Charm • Makes a container's capacity to carry increase without changing the outward appearance. It works on tents, bags, vehicles, and any other container.

Verdimillious Tria • Stronger form of verdmillious duo. Can subdue a werewolf. Much more difficult to control and maintain than its weaker forms.

Vulnera Sanentur • Heals wounds and gashes. Also returns spilled blood to the victim. This spell must be repeated until the wounds are closed, though typically three times is enough. An effective counter-curse to Sectumsempra.
Anima Charta • When cast, displays a person's thoughts like a thought map. Each thought is displayed in a smokey bubble and can have multiple other thoughts branch off it. Thought bubbles can be cleared from the air or moved around with the user's wand.

Axelo • Causes severe internal injury to that on which it is cast. It is a potentially lethal curse if not treated immediately. Known to break through shield charms and still cause severe damage. Can completely destroy the victim's internal organs.

Age Line Spell • Creates a line that makes anyone under or over a certain age unable to pass. Not even an age potion can overcome it.

Anti-Cheating Spell • There are multiple varieties of this spell. Cast on parchment or quills to prevent the writer from cheating while writing the answer.

Anti-Disapparition Jinx (advanced) • Prevents apparition into or out of an area. This spell is used around Hogwarts.

Avada Kedavra • Characterized with a bolt or flash of green light, this curse causes instant death to the victim. It is classified as an Unforgivable Curse and, as such, is forbidden. There is no defense for this spell, nor is there a reversal. It is considered very advanced magic.

Crucio • Causes excruciating pain to the victim that is described as "hot knives being driven into you," though the feeling is unique to the victim. Affected by the caster's emotions; one must truly feel the need to harm someone and enjoy the pain inflicted to be able to use it effectively. Prolonged exposure to this curse can cause insanity. There is no defense for this curse. It is classified as Unforgivable.

Imperio • Places the target in a dreamlike state, causing them to be under the complete command of the caster. Those under the Imperius Curse have no control over anything they do and cannot do anything without being directed by the caster. Those who are strong enough may be able to resist the Imperius Curse. However, this is a very difficult feat to accomplish. One of the Unforgivable Curses.

Fidelius Charm • Enables secret information to be kept hidden within the soul of the recipient, known as a secret keeper. Information is irretrievable unless the secret keeper reveals it. Others who have the secret revealed to them are unable to reveal it to others or speak of it in any way. If a secret keeper dies, each individual who knew the secret becomes a secret keeper. Regardless, no one else can be brought into the circle of knowledge if this occurs. Eventually, all knowledge of this secret will be lost with the death of those who knew it. This charm does not affect animals.

Fiendfyre • An unstoppable fire whose flames take the form of fantastical creatures and stalk those caught in its path. It is a very powerful form of dark magic and, if used by one who is unable to control it, will destroy the caster as well as the targets. It is capable of spreading indefinitely in this case, as it cannot be stopped by water or fire-stopping charms. Only extremely powerful witches and wizards should even consider using this spell.

Firestorm • Conjures an enormous, powerful ring of fire. The caster is able to control the movement of the flame with enough precision to strike specific targets. Partis Temporus can create a gap in the flame to allow safe passage through.

Homorphia • Forces an Animagus or transfigured object to assume its natural shape.

Interpretor • By holding the wand in front of their mouth like a microphone, the user's words are magically translated into another language of choice. The user should specify the language they mean to speak, such as, "Interpretor Gobbledegook." The castor can hold a conversation by pointing their wand at a second speaker and recasting the spell to interpret their own language. For example, "Interpretor English."

Legilimens • Allows the caster to read the mind of the victim, giving them access to memories, thoughts, and emotions. Legilimency can be cast wordlessly and wandlessly by skilled practitioners, known as "Legilimens." It is countered with Occlumency.

Meteolojinx Recanto • Causes the effects of weather changing charms and atmospheric charms to cease.

Occlumency • Magically closing one's mind to Legilimency. There is no spell or incantation—it is simply a matter of will and training of the mind. Occlumency is a very advanced technique.

Opto Memoriae • A variant of the Obliviate charm. This spell alters, or sometimes reinvents, bad memories to make them happy. Useful for trauma victims and wizards who struggle to conjure their patronus.

Piertotum Locomotor • Animates statues and suits of armor to the caster's bidding.

Resero Omnis • A complex spell that can break any lock, whether it be a door, chest, vault, diary, or other mechanism. It is also capable of unlocking cursed objects, though dangerous magical reactions can occur.

Sectumsempra • Creates large, bleeding gashes on the subject as if they'd been struck by a sword. The movement of the wand affects how someone is cut. Wounds can be healed with a counter curse and dittany to remove scarring, though body parts cut off by this spell cannot be restored.

Semita Hominum • The Homunculus Charm. Allows the caster to track the movements of every person in a mapped area through labelled dots. Cast directly on a map.

Taboo • Placed upon a word or name which alerts the caster of the location of the speaker. Protective enchantments in effect are broken when Tabooed words are spoken aloud.

Unbreakable Vow • A vow taken by a witch or wizard which cannot be broken under consequence of death.
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