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Welcome to ALOHOMORA! We are an intermediate, non–canon Harry Potter inspired roleplay that takes place in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. From magical happenings to personal interactions, the site offers a casual slice of life experience for its members. If you're interested in complex characters, good writing, and creating your own elaborate plots, then ALOHOMORA may be your RP home!

Interested? Read through our informational threads and say hi to us in the cbox! We hope to see you around.
The first log of the new year is here! Follow this handy-dandy link to check it out! Remember to post both with your characters and in the log with a link to save them!

BODY SWITCH, 01/01 —
Our latest site event has been revealed! Some students and faculty members have been affected by a prank performed by some unruly (and clever) house elves. Check the post here to see how to reverse the body switching curse!
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 01. site guidelines, please read before you join!
Welcome to Alohomora! We're thrilled about your interest. Please read all important information, including (read: especially) this set of rules, before making your membership official. The staff understands that our information seems like a lot to take in, but many questions could be answered simply by reviewing the threads. While not all necessary, everything posted in the information and member services boards, particularly, will be useful to you as you roleplay here.
01. RESPECT. We encourage our members to be respectful towards the staff, fellow members, and guests—even those you don't like. We believe that every member has a right to feel safe and comfortable on the site, so those that compromise the site's happiness or safety will be asked to leave. Please inform a staff member if you have a problem with another member; we'll try to work something out.

02. SITE LEVEL. We consider ourselves an intermediate site, meaning that proper spelling and grammar, as well as the ability to develop a character, is necessary. If you're new to writing and roleplaying, this probably isn't the site for you.

03. SITE RATING. Overall, the site meets a PG–13 rating. However, we will allow mature content as long as it is handled respectfully and marked with an [M]. If writing about something that is potentially triggering, you will need to place trigger warnings at the top of the post or application.

04. FACE CLAIMS. Members are required to use a face claim from an existing animanga series. We will also accept claims from video games, comics, and cartoons, but the art used must be animanga in style. Art for original characters is not allowed!

05. REGISTRATION. We are an account-per-character board, meaning that all characters should be registered seperately. Please register with the character's first and last name in ALL CAPS (example: RON WEASLEY, not Ron Weasley or ron weasley).

When you register, a message will appear that states that validating accounts must be approved by the staff before you can log in. Ignore this! You will be able to log in and start your application right after you register, no admin approval required.

06. CHARACTER CREATION. We don't expect everyone's applications to be flawless; however, we don't want to "hold your hand," so to speak, through character creation. Prospective characters have 3 chances, including the first, to submit their application to the staff. If you're pended, don't fret—just fix what we've asked you to fix and resubmit it for review.

There will be times that staff will deny an application. We will do so privately and respectfully, and request that members of a denied character's account direct questions or concerns to us through PM.

07. LIMITS. Unless we become outrageously unbalanced, then the staff isn't very concerned with ratio limits. We also have no character limit, but we do have a few guidelines to follow before we accept new characters.


You must make at least three (3) IC posts with every previous character before making a new one. Once a member reaches their sixth character, the post count for every preexisting account goes up to fifteen (15). In other words:
When creating characters 1–5, you need at least 3 posts on each previous account.
For creating character 6 and above, you need at least 15 posts on each previous account.
This is to ensure that members are actively posting with all characters, and not making more for the sake of making them.

08. SORTING. For students, the staff sorts the character based on the personality we see in their application. In other words, do not select your own house. That being said, the staff will work with you if you talk to us; if you're unhappy with our choice, or you made the character for a certain ad or position, tell us! We'll consider adjusting our decision.

09. PROFILES. Members are required to fill in their character's information in the profile and mini–profile before acceptance. The size for the site's avatar is 100x100. The large image is 250x400. We ask that all graphics used are high quality and, at most, reach a PG–13 rating. Images should not be stretched, squished, pixelated, or mis–sized. If you need help creating an avatar, contact a staff member and we'll help you!

10. ACTIVITY. We will periodically have activity checks on the site in order to maintain site activity and clear out unused claims. Additionally, we would appreciate members logging in with each account at least once per week. We are very understanding of members' real lives, and accepted characters won't face consequences for not logging in. However, the staff will delete validating accounts that have not posted an absence and/or have not been logged into for at least 1 week. You are free to re-register at any time, but any claims for wanted ads, playbys, etc. will be lost.

11. STEALING. Do not take anything from this site or other sites without explicit permission from its owner. If we see graphics, codes, or ideas being stolen and used elsewhere, we will act accordingly.
On Alohomora, we use a site store to reward our active and trustworthy members. Below, we will lay out a few tips and guidelines for using said store! You can find even more information by reading the currency thread in the member services board.

01. FREEBIES. For the sake of being fair to everyone, the staff offers new members one (1) free store item that is 150g or less. This can be used on any character—not just the first—but can only be used once. To reiterate: members (not characters!) get only one freebie. This means you can hold a position, learn a spell, or be a creature that you otherwise would have to pay for. Note that some store items, such as headmaster or head girl/boy, are too expensive to use as your "freebie."

If you want to use a freebie, inform the staff through PM or in the notification thread / application somewhere so that we can reward your account with the item.

Please note that freebies CANNOT be exchanged for 150g or used as a down or partial payment for a more expensive ability. They are only available as an item.

02. GALLEONS. You can earn galleons (or points) for a myriad of things, such as recruiting members or completing your application, but most galleons will be earned through posting. If you would like to consolidate galleons to a single account, you can go to site store > send money > then type the name of the account you would like to give galleons to.

03. PURCHASES. When you purchase an item for a specific character, you are required to keep that item on that character's account. This is to ensure staff members aren't confused by what item belongs to whom. You can either transfer galleons to the proper account to buy the item, or you may purchase the item on another account and use the "send an item" feature in the site store to send it to the correct account.

04. POSITIONS. If your character claims an important or limited position (quidditch captain, prefect, Head of House, Headmaster, or Deputy Head), and you fall inactive with that character, the staff reserves the right to remove the claim and open it up to other interested parties. Characters in aforementioned positions are expected to post once a week at the very minimum; simply being around is not enough.

If you have purchased the position, the item will be removed from your inventory. Refunds are subject to case-by-case scenario, and may not be given. While time away on notified hiatus will not count toward inactivity, frequent hiatuses to claim owners will be considered on a case-by-case scenario.
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Be yourself. The cbox is for OOC chat, so please don't post as your character or impersonate other members here.

No drama. Keep the cbox a lighthearted and fun place for all, and take personal issues to IM.

No advertising. Please don't post links to other sites in the cbox. That's what the advertising board is for.
BODY SWITCH • Some students and faculty members have been affected by a prank! They must work together to switch back into their own bodies. Read how to do so here!
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