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 07. magical abilities, reference sheet
In addition to spells and potions learned at Hogwarts, some characters will possess additional, uncommon magical abilities. Some of these abilities can be learned through practice and dedication, whereas some are hereditary. Others, such as lycanthropy, are caused by infection.

Many of these abilities are marked with a , meaning that they must be purchased before the character can use / possess them. You may also use your freebie to avoid buying the ability (read about that under the points & purchases section of the rules), but members should note that some items are too expensive for the freebie to cover.

Magical abilities, unless obtained or learned during roleplay, must be explained in the character's application. If they are learned after acceptance, then you need to edit magical claims section in the application and add them.

Characters are allowed to have more than one ability. For now, as long as the purchase is made and the reasons make sense, the character can have as many claims as they desire. If there is ever a limitation to these claims, it will be noted in the magical claims list.
With the exception of werewolves, this is the only category that can be given to a character post–acceptance. Characters are required to thread out the "learning process" before purchase, and members should handle this as realistically as possible. The staff will monitor this process!

ANIMAGUS • Animagi are able to turn into an animal at will. The process is long, difficult, and sometimes dangerous for the user. Animagi can be registered or unregistered, but failing to register this ability is against the law. If discovered, a student may be expelled from the school, and an adult may face imprisonment in Azkaban.

APPARITION • Apparition is an ability exclusively taught to students that are 17 and older. Each year, a ministry official travels to Hogwarts to teach the ability to eligible students. It cannot be taught to younger students, and apparition does not work on Hogwarts grounds outside of these lessons.

GOBBLEDEGOOK • Gobbledegook is the primary language of goblins. Learning to speak this language is beneficial, for it will likely put you in good standing with many goblin communities.

MERMISH • Mermish is the language spoken by merpeople. Above water, it resonates like a harsh, screeching sound. Underwater, however, it sounds similar to the area's native language. In the case of Hogwarts, english.

TROLLSPEAK • Trollspeak is a primitive language invented by trolls. It consists primarily of grunting, and although useless for gathering information, it is quite helpful in the event of a rogue troll.

OCCLUMENCY • Occlumency is the act of closing one's mind to the effects of Legilimency. It is not taught at Hogwarts as part of the normal curriculum, but students are capable of learning this from a professor who is willing to teach them. Though it must be purchased by students, this ability is free for adults.

LEGILIMENCY • Legilimency is the act of magically navigating through layers of a person's mind and correctly interpreting one's findings. It is not taught at Hogwarts as part of the normal curriculum, but students are capable of learning this from a professor who is willing to teach them. Though it must be purchased by students, this ability is free for adults.

UNFORGIVEABLES • Unforgivable curses, such as the killing curse, the imperious curse, and cruciatus curse, are strictly monitored by staff, but can be learned if purchased and explained. You must indicate in your application and/or plot page which of the spells your character knows and whom they learned them from.

WANDLESS MAGIC (ADULTS ONLY) • Wandless magic is an advanced form of spellwork in which the user can cast spells without the use of their wand. It is a strictly–adult skill that must be purchased. No current Hogwarts student is able to learn this ability.
Hereditary abilities are abilities that a character is born with, therefore cannot be learned during roleplay. In order to have a hereditary ability, characters must have the gene somewhere in the family. These abilities must be purchased, and often skip a generation or two in the family.

METAMORPHMAGUS • An extremely rare witch or wizard with the ability to change their physical appearance at will. Unlike most wizards, they do not require the use of a polyjuice potion or spell to do so.

PARSELMOUTH • A person with the ability to speak parseltongue, the language of serpents and serpent–like creatures. It is said that all parselmouths are descendants of Slytherins, but this old wives tale simply isn't true. However, the ability tends to appear most commonly in pureblood witches and wizards.

SEER • A witch or wizard that possesses the ability to foretell prophecies, or see the future. Less powerful seers simply have feelings or inklings about people and situations.
The majority of species are born, and characters of a different species will obtain some physical characteristics and abilities of their species. For the safety of its students, Hogwarts only permits students that are at least half–human (meaning no full blooded species, such as veelas, are allowed). The only exception to this rule are werewolves.

All species must be purchased, though prices vary on how diluted the blood is.

DWARF • Dwarves are short and stocky humanoid creatures that are talented with an axe.
1/2 BLOOD • The character must have one (1) wizard and one (1) dwarf parent. Half–blood dwarves boast a stocky build, and are shorter than the average witch or wizard. Most overachieve in Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures classes.

1/4 BLOOD • The character must have at least one (1) dwarf grandparent. They are shorter than the average witch or wizard, but often taller than half–dwarves. Many are successful in Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures classes.

1/8 BLOOD • The character must have at least one (1) dwarf great–grandparent. Though still shorter than most wizards, it is not as obvious, and their builds are less stocky. Without trying, they are above–average in Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures classes.
GIANT • Giants are large, humanoid creatures that can grow to be roughly 20–25 feet tall. While not as intelligent as most witches and wizards, they are smarter than trolls.
1/2 BLOOD • The character must have one (1) wizard and one (1) giant parent. Half–blood giants are much larger than other students, and possess a greater resistance to spells and potions. They have incredible physical strength.

1/4 BLOOD • The character must have at least one (1) giant grandparent. While still larger than most students, they are not as bulky as half–giants, and have less of a resistance to spells and potions. They are notably stronger than most.

1/8 BLOOD • The character must have at least one (1) giant great–grandparent. They are taller or wider than most wizards, but not outrageously so. Their resistance to spells and potions has notably faded, but weaker potions do not work as well for them. Even now, they are physically stronger than the average witch or wizard.
GOBLIN • Goblins are small, highly intelligent humanoid creatures with long fingers and pointed ears. They are adept metalsmiths, and use their own type of magic.
1/2 BLOOD • The character must have one (1) wizard and one (1) goblin parent. Half–blood goblins are short, with pointed ears and longer–than–average fingers and noses. They are adept at wandless magic and very crafty.

1/4 BLOOD • The character must have at least one (1) goblin grandparent. They tend to be short, although other physical traits (with the exception of pointed ears) are not as prominent. Their intelligence is still greater than average, and wandless magic comes easily for them.

1/8 BLOOD • The character must have at least one (1) goblin great–grandparent. They are shorter than the average wizard with slightly pointed ears. They learn more quickly than many students, and still have an inclination towards wandless magic.
VAMPIRE • Vampires are magical, humanoid beings that are famed for biting people on the neck and sucking their blood. They are pale, gaunt, and have sharp teeth for puncturing.
1/2 BLOOD • The character must have one (1) wizard and one (1) vampire parent. Half–blood vampires look very similar to normal witches and wizards, but their skin is pale and their canines are notably pointy. They have difficulty staying in direct sunlight for long periods of time and can be warded away by garlic. They have a thirst for blood, but these cravings can usually be satiated with blood lollipops and other similar foods.

1/4 BLOOD • The character must have at least one (1) vampire grandparent. They have pale skin and are prone to sunburns, but can withstand sunlight better than half or full vampires. They are allergic to garlic, and only crave blood when they are exposed to it. However, they have an easier time walking away.

1/8 BLOOD • The character must have at least one (1) vampire great–grandparent. They appear most human aside from sharp canines, but even the canines cannot cleanly puncture skin. They are scarcely affected by direct sunlight, and crave blood only in the form of lollipops and similar foods. Garlic will give them a stomachache.
VEELA • Veelas are semi–human, semi–magical humanoid beings that can transform into terrifying birds when angry. If content, they are notably beautiful.
1/2 BLOOD • The character must have one (1) wizard and one (1) veela parent. Half–veelas are enchantingly beautiful, and tend to draw attention—sometimes unwanted—from others. They are temperamental beings, and adopt harpy–like qualities such as feathery hair, darkened eyes, and sharpened nails during these situations. They are notably talented with fire magic.

1/4 BLOOD • The character must have at least one (1) veela grandparent. They are still strikingly beautiful, though the enchantment is not quite as powerful, and their physical appearance does not change when they are angry. They are still talented with fire magic.

1/8 BLOOD • The character must have at least one (1) veela great–grandparent. They are still attractive to others, though not debilitatingly so. They are fairly good with fire magic.
WEREWOLF • A werewolf is a human who, during a full moon, turns into a deadly near–wolf. This condition is not hereditary, but werewolves are capable of infecting humans (not other creatures) by biting them.

On nights of a full moon, werewolves are placed in a special, quarantined part of the dungeon and given the wolfsbane potion so that they maintain their minds during the full moon.

If your character bites another character during roleplay, you are required to pay half the price of the werewolf in the site store. In other words, please don't bite random people to make them pay for the ability.
1/2 BLOOD • If a student is bitten by a werewolf who is still in their human form, the student will become a half–werewolf. They will not transform into werewolves, themselves, but will obtain wolf–like tendencies, such as a preference for rare meat and increased irritation during the full moon.
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