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a noncanon harry potter roleplay
Established in March 2017, ALOHOMORA is an intermediate, non–canon Harry Potter roleplay in a — sometimes dark! — slice of life setting. Whether your character is a Hogwarts student or an auror working for the Ministry of Magic, our interactive world is steeped in possibility — and, of course, magic!

We encourage members to create and drive their own plot arcs, and as a community, emphasize good writing and character development. Want to join? Read our information, and pop into the cbox! We hope to meet you soon.
ACTIVITY LOG 016, 7/15. We're onto log sixteen — wow! Time sure does fly. Please read the directions and post here to save your characters!
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 07. awards
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marital status
blood, species
eldritch being from the depths
Throughout your time on Alohomora, you will be able to win awards for your characters based on their actions, positions, and relationships in roleplay. While some will be given automatically, others will require you to claim them here. If you want to know what our available awards are, or if you already have one and want to know what it's for, you can read the lists below.
Default trophies are awards (typically) granted after your character's application has been accepted. However, sometimes an award (such as "missing you") will be given after an arc in roleplay. If this happens, you may claim the necessary award here.
You have strong wizard blood in your family—strong enough for your siblings to attend Hogwarts, too! Watch out for sibling rivalry... / has 1+ siblings attending Hogwarts.

out of the nest
You're the only one in your family to attend Hogwarts. It's a little scary on your own, but you can send letters, so it's not too bad...even if texting would be faster. / has siblings, character is only one to attend Hogwarts.

family tree
Over the years, your relatives have come in high numbers—wait, what do you mean they're recent? How many siblings and cousins do you have?! / for characters with large, close families (siblings + cousins).

dysfunction junction
Home isn't exactly the best place to be, which makes Hogwarts all the better. / for those with dysfunctional and difficult family lives.

missing you
Sorry about your loss. It's terrible to lose someone close to you. But we'll support you, okay? / for those who have had a death in the immediate family.
Position trophies are awarded to characters that hold an important position within the school. Most of these must be purchased by the user.
You rule the roost and everyone knows it – you are the headmaster, after all! / awarded to the current headmaster of Hogwarts.

right hand man
You may be second in command, but you're just as powerful as the headmaster. As long as they don't say otherwise, your word holds the same power! / awarded to the deputy headmaster of Hogwarts.

mama bear
Congratulations! Years have paid off working here, and you're finally the head of your former House! Take care of your little ducklings, or whatever your mascot may be. / head of house award; faculty only, must be Hogwarts graduate.

head nerd
Hope you like responsibility, because now you're in charge of all of your peers. You can't play favourites now, but you can deduct points from any House as you please. Hope the power doesn't go to your pinhead, nerd. / awarded to the current head boy & girl.

You're a step above tattletale. Now, you're the one people tattle to! Hope you don't mind hall duty and being an "example" for your peers, because this means a whole lot less fun for the rest of your school days. Unless you get kicked off the prefect team, anyway. / awarded to current prefects of each house.

king of the pitch
After who knows how many slips, falls, and bludgers to the head, your hard work has paid off! Just make sure you have the brain cells left to coordinate at least one victory this year, or you'll be proving the "dumb jock" stereotype all too true. / awarded to quidditch captains; must be 6th or 7th year student.

follow the leader
Between organizing events and leading your clubmates to victory, you've earned every right to say you're a student leader. / awarded to club presidents; should be a 5th–7th year.
Claims trophies refer to awards located in the magical claims list. Some of these will be awarded automatically upon acceptance, whereas others can be earned during roleplay.
culture shock
You're finally here at the legendary (and poorly-named) Hogwarts to study and learn in the famous castle. Hope you can handle the culture shock! / denotes a transfer student.

snake charmer
Somehow, when snakes talk, it sounds like perfect English to you. This doesn't make trying to talk to your snakeskin purse any cooler, though. / denotes someone who can speak parseltongue.

wild ones
You may have just crossed the boundary of "animal lover" to "uncomfortably close with nature." But, um... Congrats on becoming a furry, I guess. Hope the wizard cops know about this... / denotes an animagus.

corporeal patronus
And at last I see the light, it's like the fog has lifted... / denotes a character that can cast a corporeal patronus; must buy the item in the site store.

pack mentality
Though you tried to keep it secret, your "other self" got the best of you one night. The following morning meant the worst walk of shame in your life. / denotes a werewolf that has turned another character into a werewolf during roleplay.

new moon
You were unlucky enough to be attacked by a werewolf. You think the curse has got to be the wolfsbane of your existence. / denotes a character that has been turned into a werewolf during roleplay.

mind reader
Somehow, you always know just what others are thinking. It's like you're inside their heads! / the character can perform legilimency.

blank space
Your mind is tough to read, even to a practiced legilimens. Or is it that you're empty-headed? / the character can perform occulumency.

mini villain
For some reason, you know spells that you shouldn't. Use them wisely... / knows 1 or more of the unforgivable curses.

insufferable know it all
Sure you're not studying too hard? It's like you're trying to be the next Hermione or something. / character has purchased and learned 5 spells above grade level.

seeing unseen
You've had the unfortunate experience to witness and comprehend someone's death, and for that, you can see what others can't. It's not enough to make up for the trauma, but at least you know what's pulling the school carriages. / denotes a character who can see thestrals.

You did it! Way to go! Take that diploma and make something of yourself, Grand Wizard! / denotes a character who graduated from hogwarts during rp.

lazy jane
It's not fair to call all of you lazy, but there's no denying that you didn't do the work to move on. / denotes a character who was held back or expelled.

house cup
This isn't Whose Line, where the rules are made up and the points don't matter. They matter. And you won. In your face. / given to characters whose house won the house cup during rp.
Relationship trophies, as you may have guessed, have to do with one character's relationship to another. When claiming these awards, you may need to link us to plot pages, relationship trackers, etc., in addition to threads themselves to prove you've earned it.
thick as thieves
You've found someone to stick with you through thick and thin, and will likely be in detention with you if you're ever caught one of these days. Hope nothing rips you two apart, since they promised to take your secrets to the grave. / given to characters who are best friends.

stay away from me
You know what they say: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. That way you can figure out their weaknesses and take them down, oh yeah. / for characters who are arch nemeses.

Let me guess: you've mastered the art of passive–aggression, and giggle as you tell the other you hate them for being so pretty. With friends like these... / for characters who are frenemies.

same circles
You don't mix well with those different than you, even if you see them frequently. You just prefer others more like you, is all. / character has 5+ friends of the same blood type as them.

beyond boundaries
Regardless where you come from, people are people, and friendships can be forged between any group, no matter the differences! / character has a friend of each blood type (pureblood, halfblood, muggleborn, and half-breed).

house pride
You're maybe a bit too overeager for your House's reputation, but at least you're cheery about it. Might want to tone it down around everyone else, though, before you annoy a professor and do more harm than good. / for characters with 5+ friends belonging to the same house as them.

united we stand
While the Houses independently are great, everyone knows that the more kinds of people you get together, the better off you all are! / for those that have a friend from each house.

found family
Hogwarts is home away from home, and you've made peace with that, adopting your friends (and maybe even professors?!) as your own family figures. We didn't mean for you to take it literally, but, well. It's fine. / for those who have found a sibling or parental figure in someone unrelated to them.

teacher's pet
Your classmates may call you a suck–up, but you know that getting to know your professor is only going to help you in the long run. / for students that have had 5+ threads with a particular professor.

long leash
You claim you don't play favorites, but all that time you spend with that student may say otherwise. / for teachers that have had 5+ threads with a particular student.

young love
Sweaty palms, restless nerves, the inability to form a coherent sentence around them...looks like you've finally gotten your first crush! Terrible, right? / for characters who are crushing on another.

pucker up
Did you feel the sparks, or was it more like a match made in hell? / awarded to characters who have kissed during a thread.

take my hand
So, you're finally going on a first date with someone new. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll get as far as holding hands—but you better use protection if you do, you harlot. / for those who have a "first date" thread.

single ladies
Despite societal standards, you're over thirty and still single. There's really nothing to be ashamed of; it isn't your fault there's no one out there worth your time. / for characters who are 35+ and single.

Young love is painful, but even more so when your affections aren't returned. With time, you'll move on, but for now, it's just...hurting. Better luck next time. / for characters with an unrequited love.

Someone's a catch, and that someone is you. Whether you've turned someone down or decided it was time to break up, you're not the one crying about it at night. / for characters who have dumped and/or turned down another.

break even
If you think breaking up is hard, getting dumped is worse. Go ahead and eat a pint of ice cream in bed; your professors will probably make an exception for this. / for characters who have been dumped or turned down.

slap slap kiss
Relationships are complicated, and none so much as yours. Are you enemies? Are you lovers? Are you friends? Somehow, when you butt heads, you don't know if you'll end up making out or nursing wounds, but that just makes it more exciting. / for those in a complicated, love-hate relationship.

loose lips
You don't need love, you just need a fling. Maybe more than that. But, hey, no judgements here! / for characters that don't know the meaning of the phrase "settle down."

dirty little secret
You're not in a relationship, heavens no. You're just very well acquainted. With each other's beds. And tongues. And... intimate places. And TV tells me you'll either become an item or break up soon enough. / for those who have a friend with benefits.

love, actually
You've managed to find someone that you not only love, but who loves you back! Hope things don't sour over time, and no one wrongs the other. It'd be embarrassing, someone out there knowing about your genitals who isn't with you... / for those in a committed relationship.

matchmaker, matchmaker
Whether through friends, family, or your own luck, you're now engaged! Hope they're all you dream them to be, or that you at least break it off before the wedding if not. / for those who are engaged.

wedding bells
After a long road, you've finally settled down. Let's hope this one lasts and you learn to communicate, or you'll be finding a divorce lawyer sooner rather than later. / for characters who are currently married.
Thread trophies, as the name implies, are trophies that can only be earned through threading. Since the staff doesn't and couldn't possibly read all the threads on the site, you'll need to claim these awards if you want them! Threads must be completed to earn these awards.
Well aren't you just everywhere? You'd be hard-pressed to someone who doesn't at least recognize your face, if not know your name! / for those who have made 100 posts on a single account.

You're really going for it, aren't you? Well, remember, there's no prom royalty here, so if you're campaigning... No? You just have friends? Okay, then. so long as you know, it's not a contest. / for those who have made 250 posts on a single account.

take a break
Listen. We love you. We really do. But this is an intervention. And we all think you should really, really take a break. You've been posting nonstop, and you've blown us all away, and we really need you to chill. This is not a challenge. There are no more awards to win, so please. We're begging you. Chill. / for those who have made 500 posts on a single account.

what the fuck
Your dedication to the site is unparalleled, and for that, we thank you. But whAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! / for those that have made a whopping 1,000 posts on a single account!

familiar faces
Haven't you met before? You're sure starting to see a lot of each other... / for threading the same two characters 3+ times.

best friends
It seems y'all stick together like glue. You seem to be everywhere together! / for threading the same two characters 6+ times.

kiss already
You two are practically married by now! Has anyone ever seen you apart, or are you literally attached at the hip? / for threading the same two characters 10+ times.

so clingy!
You're like brothers, only closer. / for threading the same two characters 25+ times.

practically married
Either you two really like each other or have an unhealthy codependency. / for threading the same two characters 50+ times.

party hardy
Always ready to go out and about, where you go, the party happens. Talk about luck! / for characters who frequently participate in site events (4+).

liar, liar
The truth is not your strong suit, it seems. Will anyone catch on, or are you so skilled they actually think you're honest? / for those who have lied 10+ times during threads.

trouble maker
Your mischievous little ass has been caught! Get thee to detention, you wee rapscallion! / for characters that have been sent to detention at least once.

detention hall of fame
It's amazing they don't just put a collar on you, for how often you're in the dog house! You think you'd learn to avoid getting caught by now... / for characters who have had detention 3+ times.

Doing the good ol' fashion muggle way, are we? Sure, you don't have spells on your wand they can track, but the bruises leave enough evidence to get you busted. / for those who have gotten into a fight during a thread.

spell happy
You're taught to use magic for good, not evil. Better hide your wands before the professors come, or you'll be in a world of trouble! / for those involved in a magical fight or unofficial duel during a thread.

challenger approaching
Time to d-d-d-d-d-d-duel! / for characters that have participated in 5+ legitimate magical duels.

angel with no halo
You must have a heart of gold and an optimistic spirit to be so gentle and forgiving! Time and time again, you keep giving second chances. Aren't you about due for your wings soon? / have 2 threads where a character sees good in people despite flaws, stand by troublemakers or devilish friends, and/or do a good deed for no ulterior motive or reason.

foot in the fire
You're just a little heller, getting into fights, mouthing off, and hurting others because you can. You've surpassed rebel-raising rabble and gone full on devil. Not that you care. / have 2 threads where a character is unnecessarily mean, bullies others, cause drama, and/or is overall shitty because they can be.

team mom
You may not be a mother yet, but you've got the disposition and compassion of the perfect caring figure. If only all mothers were like you! / have 2 threads where a character shows compassion, understanding, comforting and/or offers sincere advice to someone younger than them.

playing cupid
Where on earth did you get that? I hope you know what you're doing is illegal, and consent is dubious at best. Don't mistake manufactured love for the real thing, when you're the one lacing their drink... / for those who give someone else a love potion during a thread, with or without their knowledge or consent.

love drunk
Suddenly, this person seems to be consuming your thoughts and makes your heart flutter. When did this happen? Is this what soul mates are like? The new all-consuming obsession isn't exactly becoming, but with any luck it'll wear off soon, given it's not a professionally made potion.... / for those who have taken a love potion during a thread, whether they know it or not.

There's the saying "if they're happy, leave them be," but I guess you didn't get the memo. Are you doing this for fun, or are your feelings genuine? If it's the former, check your heart size. / for characters who either help someone cheat, or otherwise break up a relationship.

pumpkin eater
Peter, Peter, pumpkin-eater, had a wife and couldn't keep her; he put her in a pumpkin shell, and there he kept her very well. / for characters that cheat on a significant other during roleplay.

weasley badge of honor
In another timeline, there are two very specific ginger twin boys who are smiling down on you and your crafty, clever, creative little mind. The nerve is a nice touch, too. / for those who have set up and/or performed a prank during 3 threads.

doom chef
Potion-making is far from your specialty, something both you and your goop-covered classmates can all attest to. / for characters that have accidentally caused a potion to explode during a thread.

into the woods
Calling it the "forbidden forest" really doesn't do any favours when it comes to curiousity. Maybe if they'd called it something like "poisonwood forest," or "you'll die if you enter wood," it would have kept you out instead of tempting you in. / for characters that enter the forbidden forest unattended and without permission during a thread.

marauder in training
You may not have been expecting it, but you've just found a gateway to a whole other part of the castle! Since no one else seems to know about it, it's up to you to discover where this tunnel goes! / discover a hidden passageway in the castle during a thread.

You should really start bringing tissues around with you everywhere, or at least get your tear ducts looked at. So much use for them can not be good – for you, or the mood. / for those who have cried in 5+ threads.

resident onion
Because no matter where you are, you're always making people cry. / for those who have made 5+ characters cry during threads.

extra credit
Class my be ruthless, but you're a saint for giving chances to make up for it. With all this extra work, there's no way someone could fail! Well, unless they keep missing class because of the extra work, which makes them only need more to make up for... Oh. Oops? / for staff who have created 3+ faculty events .

good egg
Look at you, making friends, running errands, helping around the place! People like you make Hogwarts truly a warm, welcoming place! Fourty points for you, Glen Coco; you go Glen Coco! / for those who have earned 100+ points for their house.

bad apple
Are you trying to screw over your housemates? Because you've got to be trying, to drop this low. Like, there's no other explanation for it. No one would actually try to get caught so many times, right?! / for those who have lost 100+ points for their house.

Look at you, you saucy little minx! Hope everyone around you is over eighteen, because that kind of risque behaviors can get you into worlds of trouble. / for those who have participated in a mature thread.

comfort zone
Everyone has their favourite haunts, and it looks like you've certainly found yours. A little familiarity can make all the difference in the world, especially on the rough days, and hey – it's good to know your limits. / for those who have had 5+ threads in the same board.

Your poor soul's got a bad case of wanderlust, don't it? That, or you're a little too excited to be here, and could benefit from a small rest every now and again. Don't forget to hydrate with all that running you do! / for those who have a thread in every board.

brush with death
Don't ever do that again! You scared me half to death, and I do not want to be seeing thestrals anytime soon, you idiot! Just... be more careful, please? I don't want to lose you. Not for good. / for those who had a near-death experience in a thread.

guardian angel
You're here to protect people, to keep them safe. Without you, everything could go wrong. / for characters that have saved someone's life, or protected them from great harm during rp.

hidden talent
Dude, since when could you do that?! I've known you for five years, what do you mean you've "always" done that? five years, and it hasn't come up once?! Next thing, you'll be saying you actually have four cats that look alike instead of just one... / for those who show a hidden or little-known talent in a thread.

It may be no movie montage, but the shock factor post-transformation is always the best part anyway. So aside from the cut and dye job, what else did you get? A nose ring, huh? And a tattoo? Of what? ...Wait, you got it where?! / for those who drastically, permanently change their appearance. counts for changing face claims, as well.

In what looks like an act of heroism (or perhaps an act of stupidity), you've managed to fight off a dangerous creature to save yourself or your friends. It'll be a story told over and over again! / for those that have fought a magical creature unsupervised.

If there's a story, you're on it. You love the feeling of quill scratching paper and the smell of ink. What would you do for the truth? / for those who have written 3 or more alohomora news articles.

good communication
Maybe you're not always a blabbermouth, but you do like to stay connected. Nothing flies under your radar! / for those that have sent at least 1 letter, text, and wizpic on the communications board.

thread crasher
Even when you're not involved, you're involved. It's up in the air whether you've got perfect or bad timing. / for characters that have crashed 5+ threads.

Is the room spinning or is it just you? It may be time to take a load off...and attend a few AA meetings. / for those that have been drunk in 5+ threads.

butter fingers
You wouldn't say you're a klutz, but sometimes it's hard to hold onto something when you're under pressure, okay?! / for characters that have dropped their wand during a thread's important moment.

You want some fries with that shake? / for characters that have eaten in 10+ threads.

get off the stage!
You only time you fail is when you don't try. Except, you tried, and you still screwed up. / for characters that have failed to perform in 2+ threads.
Event trophies are earned by characters that participate in site–wide events! They will be awarded automatically to each account that participates. This particular section will be edited frequently.
You've participated in our opening event, Derailed! Thanks for starting things off with a bang.

hazy daze
You participated in the Hazy Daze event! Here's hoping the embarrassment wears off as quickly as the potion...

hogs fest
You participated in the Hogsfest event! The festivities may be over, but the memories last forever!

pure as snow
You participated in the Pure as Snow event! Did those purist views make your blood boil?

build a snowman
You participated in the Build a Snowman event! You took an afternoon to chill out and create something. Even if you didn't win the contest, you've still got bragging rights!

cupid's web
You participated in the Cupid's Web event! Love is an intricate, sticky thing...

career day
You participated in the Career Day event! What does your future look like?

body switch
You participated in the Body Switch event! We hope you got the curse reversed...

study break
You participated in the Study Break event! Hope you learned something new!

festival of fairies
You participated in the Festival of Fairies event! Oh, what a night...How lovely were the lights!

this way comes
You participated in the This Way Comes event! The suspense drew you in; let's solve the mystery together.
If you believe your character qualifies for one of these trophies, please reply to this thread with the following form OUT OF CODE and the staff will award it to your account!
[b]AWARD TO[/b] — which account(s)? [b]AWARDS EARNED[/b] — name of award(s) [b]DETAILS[/b] — a link to the thread(s) where you would've earned awards
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