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a noncanon harry potter roleplay
Established in March 2017, ALOHOMORA is an intermediate, non–canon Harry Potter roleplay in a — sometimes dark! — slice of life setting. Whether your character is a Hogwarts student or an auror working for the Ministry of Magic, our interactive world is steeped in possibility — and, of course, magic!

We encourage members to create and drive their own plot arcs, and as a community, emphasize good writing and character development. Want to join? Read our information, and pop into the cbox! We hope to meet you soon.
THIS WAY COMES - P2, 5/15. The force in the dungeons has made its way around the castle, causing the school to go into lockdown for the night! Learn more about the event and how to participate here!

ACTIVITY LOG, 5/15. It's that time again! Make sure to post in our activity log and save your characters by May 31st!
autumn ( october 2018 )
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 EVENT 011, THIS WAY COMES PT. II, may 15th — may 31st
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After a dangerous encounter with the mysterious and spiteful force in the dungeons, the Hogwarts faculty asked students to avoid that particular corridor until they could sort out what to do.

But it seems that the force is getting stronger. Darkness seeps from the corridor into other halls, manifests itself near the Slytherin dorms and the kitchens. Then it begins to climb up. Shadows haunt classrooms and stairwells, and students escape narrowly, faces pale, screams in their throats.

After an encounter with the force that lands a student in the infirmary, Headmistress Hawkins puts the school on lockdown.
On a night in October, the faculty gathers all students into The Great Hall, and stands posted in and outside the room, watching for the force. All prefects and Heads of House are on duty, and students are expected to stay in the room through the night; they are only permitted to leave with an escort if they need to use the restroom facilities, or go to the infirmary.

It has so far been a quiet night. Students huddle together in sleeping bags, gossiping or playing games. Prefects and faculty stroll amongst them to check in.

Though the Great Hall seems safe enough, many are watching the shadows moving on the wall, waiting.
Part II of this event lasts from May 15th — May 31st, and takes place during Wednesday, October 17th IC–ly.

You may participate by posting in the main thread or by starting branch–off threads. The mysterious force will only interact directly with characters in the main thread. Be sure to tag any branch–off threads with an [E] so that staff members can give your characters awards.

If posting in the main thread, you can post up to twice in a row, then must wait 48 hours before posting again. This is to allow everyone a chance to post, and to ensure the thread isn't directed by only two or three characters.

Please note that only one character per member can be placed in the main thread of this event. However, members are free to start branch–off threads with as many characters as they'd like.

This thread will end promptly on the 31st, and on June 1st, Part III will begin.
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Be yourself. The cbox is for OOC chat, so please don't post as your character or impersonate other members here.

No drama. Keep the cbox a lighthearted and fun place for all, and take personal issues to IM.

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SITE EVENT, THIS WAY COMES PT. II • The mysterious force is back with a vengeance, and on the night of October 17th, the castle has been placed on lockdown. Read how to join here. Lasts until May 31st.

FACULTY EVENT, THE DRACONIDS • Professor Tripathy has invited students to the astronomy towers to view the Draconid meteors. Lasts until June 1st.
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