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a noncanon harry potter roleplay
Established in March 2017, ALOHOMORA is an intermediate, non–canon Harry Potter roleplay in a — sometimes dark! — slice of life setting. Whether your character is a Hogwarts student or an auror working for the Ministry of Magic, our interactive world is steeped in possibility — and, of course, magic!

We encourage members to create and drive their own plot arcs, and as a community, emphasize good writing and character development. Want to join? Read our information, and pop into the cbox! We hope to meet you soon.
ACTIVITY LOG 016, 7/15. We're onto log sixteen — wow! Time sure does fly. Please read the directions and post here to save your characters!
autumn ( november 2018 )
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 01. POST–LOG UPDATE, july 1st, 2018
porndora has 60 posts and 1530 galleons. pandora is Offline.
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Once again, we've completed our log, and all inactive accounts and claims have been cleared. If a staff member accidentally deleted or archived something, let us know, and we'll move that back for you in a jiffy!

We have a couple of important announcements to make, which you can read about more below.
Since the staff is still coming down from the huge "This Way Comes" event, we have a new OOC Event for members to participate in! You can read about the event here.

To help peak your interest, the winner of the OOC event gets a FREE STORE ITEM — even items that are unavailable or event–exclusive — so if you participate, you may win something you really want!
For personal reasons, our long–time admin SONNET is stepping down. Don't cry! She'll still be on the site as a member, and you'll be able to keep all your juicy plots. Thank you for all your work, Sonnet!

That being said, we're on the hunt for a new staff member to help us keep Alohomora running smoothly. If you're interested in applying, read on!

We're looking for someone that has been active on Alohomora for a while, feels comfortable handling questions or issues, and is friendly with staff and members.

You will have from July 1st — July 21st to submit an application. We will contact our choice in the following week to deal with specifics, then announce our new addition officially on August 1st, when the season changes.

If interested in applying, please fill out the form below, and PM your responses to PANDORA.
As always, thank you for sticking with us. The staff is deeply grateful to all of our members, and we feel extremely lucky to run a site as amazing as this one.
[b]ALIAS[/b]: yourname
[b]HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN ON ALO?:[/b] rough estimate
[b]SCHEDULE:[/b] times you're usually on; how much time you think you'll be able to dedicate to staffing
[b]HAVE YOU EVER STAFFED A JCINK SITE BEFORE?:[/b] if yes, how many times?
[b]WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE TABLE?:[/b] event ideas, coding abilities, organization, advertising, graphics, morale boosts, etc.
[b]WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE STAFF?:[/b] brief explanation of why you're interested in joining the alo staff
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cbox & events
Play nice. Be respectful towards your fellow members, staff, and guests. Don't form cliques, and try to make everyone feel welcome!

Be yourself. The cbox is for OOC chat, so please don't post as your character or impersonate other members here.

No drama. Keep the cbox a lighthearted and fun place for all, and take personal issues to IM.

No advertising. Please don't post links to other sites in the cbox. That's what the advertising board is for.
SITE EVENT, CREATE A SPELL • In hopes to fill our spells & potions list with more unique magics, the staff is hosting an OOC event in which members are tasked with creating original spells and potions. The member with the most interesting potion will receive a special prize! Read about the event here. Lasts from July 1st — July 31st.
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