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a noncanon harry potter roleplay
Established in March 2017, ALOHOMORA is an intermediate, non–canon Harry Potter roleplay in a — sometimes dark! — slice of life setting. Whether your character is a Hogwarts student or an auror working for the Ministry of Magic, our interactive world is steeped in possibility — and, of course, magic!

We encourage members to create and drive their own plot arcs, and as a community, emphasize good writing and character development. Want to join? Read our information, and pop into the cbox! We hope to meet you soon.
ACTIVITY LOG, 6/15. The 15th's hit, and you know what that means... activity log time! Make sure to post in it by the 30th and save your characters!

POST–LOG UPDATE, 6/1. Hi, all! The log is once again finished, and you can read our big post–log update here. We hope some of our new additions will make rping here that much better. Thank you so much for your continued activity!
autumn ( november 2018 )
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There are three group classes existing in Alohomora: Hogwarts students, Hogwarts staff, and Hogsmeade civilians. Details on blood status and age range will be listed below.
Hogwarts students can belong to one of four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Please note that you cannot pick your character's house! The staff will sort your character upon acceptance. A student can be a pureblood, half–blood, half–breed, or a muggle born. Below you will find the acceptable ages for each year, depending on when the student's birthday is:
First Year: 11-12
Second Year: 12-13
Third Year: 13-14
Fourth Year: 14-15
Fifth Year: 15-16
Sixth Year: 16-17
Seventh Year: 17-18
Members of the Faculty come in a wide variety of ages, ranging from around twenty–one (21) — one hundred and fifty (150). Faculty members can be former Hogwarts students or students of other institutions; however, they are required to have had a magical education during their lives. Faculty characters can be purebloods, half–bloods, half–breeds, muggle borns, or squibs. Please remember that squibs cannot be professors, as they lack magical ability.

The staff prefers for professors to be approximately thirty (30), and will be more critical of applications for professors younger than that. As a general rule of thumb, professors should absolutely be no younger than twenty–five (25). Other faculty positions are more flexible.
As of November 1st, 2017, we allow members to play Civilians. These characters can be anywhere between seventeen (17) and one hundred and fifty (150) years old, and can be of any blood or species. These characters typically cannot enter Hogwarts, but there will be the occasional event that allows civilian characters (typically those located in Hogsmeade) onto school grounds.
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Be yourself. The cbox is for OOC chat, so please don't post as your character or impersonate other members here.

No drama. Keep the cbox a lighthearted and fun place for all, and take personal issues to IM.

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