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Welcome to ALOHOMORA! We are an intermediate, non–canon Harry Potter inspired roleplay that takes place in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. From magical happenings to personal interactions, the site offers a casual slice of life experience for its members. If you're interested in complex characters, good writing, and creating your own elaborate plots, then ALOHOMORA may be your RP home!

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The first log of the new year is here! Follow this handy-dandy link to check it out! Remember to post both with your characters and in the log with a link to save them!

BODY SWITCH, 01/01 —
Our latest site event has been revealed! Some students and faculty members have been affected by a prank performed by some unruly (and clever) house elves. Check the post here to see how to reverse the body switching curse!
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 04. house points
Alohomora's house points system is strictly in–character. The points cannot be used to purchase items from the store, and can only be obtained (or lost) in threads by authorized characters. We will gladly and briefly explain our simple system below:

Hogwarts Faculty, as well as Head Boy and Head Girl, have the power to add or revoke points from any of the houses. Prefects only have the ability to add or revoke points from their own house. This means, for example, that a Gryffindor prefect could not take points from a Slytherin student. However, all three groups can issue detention to students of all houses.

In order to officially add or subtract points from a house, you must fill out the form available in the points log. If approved, the staff will update the house points item in the sidebar.
Students can earn and lose house points at the discretion of the professors, heads of houses, and prefects. Points can be given or subtracted for numerous reasons, including, but not limited to, class performance, participation in events, or circumstances in which a student is triumphant or in trouble.

In order to ensure that vast amounts of points cannot be given or taken, we have capped the amount of points to give/take at 100 per thread. Below, we've come up with a quick but helpful guide to use if your character needs to add or subtract points. Please note that these are only examples, and there could be numerous other situations in which a particular amount of points needs to be given or taken away.

5 – 25 points — the student runs errands for a professor, head, or prefect; they are present and/or ask questions during class; they are generally helpful to peers or faculty.

25 – 50 points — the student goes out of their way to assist their peers, heads, or professors; they are particularly apt at one or multiple subjects; when it's important to, they place ethics and rules above friendships.

50 – 75 points — the student protects or stops their peers, heads, and professors from danger or from committing dangerous acts; they are a top student, club member, or sports player; in sticky situations, they opt for the decision that benefits the greater good.

75 – 100 points — the student successfully participates in an event or assignment; they demonstrate an act of pure heroism.
5 – 25 points — the student is disruptive or disrespectful to fellow students, professors, or heads; they are late to or skip class often; they are generally unhelpful or disinterested.

25 – 50 points — the student purposefully plays pranks or otherwise antagonizes their peers, heads, and professors; they consistently receive low marks in one or multiple subjects; they are generally unethical or self–serving.

50 – 75 points — the student commits a dangerous act in front of, or in retaliation to, their peers, heads, or professors; they do not attempt to improve upon things they are doing poorly in; they cause a situation that harms other students, or make a decision that benefits only themselves.

75 – 100 points — the student participates in an event or assignment, but their participation leads to other problems; they demonstrate an act of pure villainy.
We understand that some characters will have bias for or against some houses. However, if the staff thinks you are abusing your power by playing a professor, head of house, or prefect, we will not permit the addition or deduction of points. In general, you will always need a very good reason to award or deduct a large sum of points.
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BODY SWITCH • Some students and faculty members have been affected by a prank! They must work together to switch back into their own bodies. Read how to do so here!
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